Monday, April 11, 2016

The British R Finished

Leaflets calling for the slaughter of Ahmadi Muslims are found at London mosque

...and the conquered, defeated British government and police of Londonistan do nothing.

They call for those who refuse to convert to mainstream Islam within three days to face a death penalty, but lawless (selective, biased law enforcement) British Police are too fearful to make arrests and once again give the bloody religion of hate, incitement and intolerance another pass.

How disgusting you've become, you Brits, indeed!

On the other hand ;

If you are a non Muslim British citizen who happens to just ask a question, you are arrested.
A man who sparked an outcry on Twitter after tweeting about confronting a Muslim woman
on a street in Croydon, south London, and challenging her to “explain Brussels” has been arrested by police.

I wrote about this on March 24th;

Freedom Replaced With Sharia in Conquered Britain

It's disgusting what the British, who gave the world the Magna Carta, have become, sinking down to conquered dhimmis, with corrupt, cowardly leaders who excel in hypocrisy and betrayal.

God is repaying the British for failing to honor the Balfour Declaration and their evil treatment of Israel and the Jews from the days of the British Mandate up until today.
They've sided with evil Islam against Israel and now they are drowning in the noxious and toxic sludge of this violent death cult.
They work hard at stopping the Jews from rebuilding homes in their ancient homeland that God commanded them to do and for this Britannia will bleed under their precious and cherished Islam.
The UK,  with the other corrupt nations are hellbent driven to steal what little land Israel has and create another dysfunctional, radical, extremist, failed Islamic country, Paleslime, when the greedy Arabs already have 22 countries and the Jews barely one.

As we see  again today, British Muslims always get away with incitement because the British government and police are fearful cowards who only have the spine of overcooked pasta to go after brave Brits like Matthew, exercising what little rights remain there, and Israel, as their greed centered, corrupt, elite political class stash their secret, hidden bribe money in Panama.


The always in bed with the extremely undemocratic, violent and very intolerant, followers of the false prophet, British are paying for their evil hypocrisy against Israel and the Jews.
This once great empire, now defeated by Islam is no longer free, no longer a democracy, just ask Matthew Doyle from Croydon.


President Obama: Libya aftermath 'worst mistake' of presidency

Islamic State (IS) gained a foothold, and Libya became a major departure point for migrants trying to reach the second Islamic invasion of Europe.

It was always my plan, I'm not that stupid, and by no means am I that incompetent, but now I have to deceive ya'll again, that's the easy part.
With my gift of gab and superb mastery of lying, it's sooo easy, and you useful idiots are so... you know.

Admitting I made only one 'mistake' out of thousands is better than you knowing the truth.

almost done

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