Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Putin Plays Game of Chicken With the Rooster

Russian warplanes 'aggressively' pass US missile destroyer

One official called the events on Monday and Tuesday "one of the most aggressive acts in recent memory".

Key word here is 'aggressive'

Russia is definitely sending a message or two, or three or... to Obama and NATO.

One is that there is a price to pay for US naval and military efforts in the Black Sea, maybe a few sailors urinating on themselves, and much, much worse planned and in the pipeline.

The second is that Putin is aggressively unhappy with the corrupt, gangster elite globalists in Washington and their cheap $hot 'Panama Papers' game.

Third, there is the real threat of attack since Russia has been preparing and preparing and you never know when the next buzz-cut is the real thing.

Fourth, he really, really despises Obama, so much so, that this is going to get out of hand, sooner than later.

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