Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Only Place Where You Can't Wipe Palestinian Towns Off the Face Of the Earth is Israel !

Islam, religion of peace, Yeah right !


Top UN envoy visits Syria's pulverised Palestinian camp

"A visit to Yarmuk is a very deeply moving experience. You can't escape a deep sense of shock at the level of destruction,"

 "The scale of the destruction in Yarmuk compares to very little else that I have seen in many years of humanitarian work in conflict zones," Krahenbuhl said.

Because Muslims did this to Muslims, and Israel did not do this extreme destruction, the world is silent.
Remember the phony global outrage against Israel for much less than this against Palestinian terrorist of Hamas and Fatah after they attacked Israel ?
I wonder why the hypocrite world community did not call for restraint here or rail against the use of disproportionate, excessive force as they always do with Israel ?

Oh, that's right, it's only used to restrain Israel and keep them from defeating evil Islamic terrorists of the Hamas, Fatah flavor.


Puppy Netanyahu threatens Hamas with ‘unbearable price’ if it goes to war

Puppy Minister Netanyahu threatens Hamas with an “unbearable price” should it enter into another armed conflict with Israel.

We do not have permission from our Washington overlords to defeat you Hamas so it will be a bearable price you pay as always and for a third time where we will fail to defeat you again.

I have to talk tough to please the fools who put their trust in me, but at heart I am a very weak and lame Prime Minister, a real Ballerina who always spins and roll over for the Washington gods I serve.


Healthcare Deathcare worker arrested over deaths of eight babies at Cheshire neonatal unit 

The police “will be looking first of all at the intent and if there was an intention to kill, it is murder except if the same baby is murdered in the mothers birth canal.

If it is a dangerous act irrespective of any intent, it is gross negligence manslaughter, except for murdering babies by abortion.
In both cases, there has to be causation - for the actual death there must be a connection between the medical act and the death, except for legally murdering babies by our insidious abortions.

If it sounds confusing and like we are hypocrites of the first order, we are, and we are evil in a nice way.”



Wise Words for Christians on the 4th of July

 Oh, Say, Can You SEE ? . . .

We no longer must do the bidding of those wretched spirits inherited from our family line, those wicked spirits of greed, money-love, property-pride, and immorality of all sorts.
Once we are ALIVE in JESUS,
those wicked beings must go.

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