Saturday, July 14, 2018

How The Decadent Godless Western Civilization Goes to Hell

From close observation I've learned that


Where man sets himself up as God, always leads to stupidity, which leads to insanity, which leads to suicide.

The West having forsaken it's solid Judaeo- Christian foundation, (LOOK at the protesters & their posters from London yesterday) including Israel,

....are now in the final 'insane, suicidal stage'. 

London's Trump protesters – in portraits

The London protests, this is is what a decadent, godless western civilization looks like as it spirals down  to hell

These blind, stupid, brainwashed hypocrites protest Trump but have nothing to say about the daily murders, the evil, violence, bloodshed, hate, the destruction of cities, countries, and the global destruction Islam inflicts on this world.

Every day the evil fruits of Islam are revealed by the media, and yet the very tolerant of evil Islam West turn a blind eye.

Instead of facing the truth, they live, accept and believe the lies from hell about the religion of terrorism.

This insane stupidity spells the doom of the West as we see now across godless Europe and doomed Sweden. 

Not a word of protest against the religion of terrorism from these useless, damned to hell, wicked, godless fools & idiots!


the religion of hell at work every day everywhere !


Pakistan bombing: At least 128 killed in explosion ahead of elections

Bombing in Baluchistan province most deadly attack in Pakistan in more than three years and is third incident of election-related violence this week.


The Relentless Islamic Radicalization of extremely stupid Sweden

Swedish police report that Muslim children have told their classmates they will cut their throats, while showing them beheadings on their mobile phones, according to the new study of Salafism in Sweden by the Swedish Defence University.

Israeli aircraft on Saturday attacked more than 40 targets in the Gaza Strip in the most extensive daytime assault since 2014’s failed Operation Protective Edge as, weakened by the false peace, Israel, has become too stupid to defeat Palestinian terror groups (who have lost any fear of wimpy, retreating, capitulating Israel) fired repeated salvos of rockets and mortars into Israel.


UN calls for access to Syrians stranded in desert after Deraa's fall 

Up to 250,000 Muslim people are in a ‘dire’ situation having fled birthplace of uprising because of their Muslim leader Assad's genocide against fellow Muslims.

The UN high commissioner for refugees of Islams terror said 234,500 Muslims had fled the Muslim violence in the Islamic country’s south since mid-June.

..and lying, evil politicians and western leaders lie to our faces saying; 'Islam is a religion of peace'
when it is the religion of hell.

No liars make it to heaven,  all liars go to hell !


live like sardines, die like sardines

Man Accused Of Plotting To Burn Down Condo, ‘Kill All The Jews,’ Faces Attempted Murder Charges


“We do believe that we were minutes away from a potentially deadly situation,”

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