Monday, February 26, 2018

What The World Needs Now ?

Planet Earth is headed for a big crash, and it looks like this is what the elite, the powers that be want.

Global military sales of man's most modern weapons of death & destruction are on the rise, all sides. It's a big, big, big business and the greedy profit off of their never ending wars.

Peace ? Where ? What peace ?

Psalms 9:17 is here !

For Sale - More Weapons of Mass Destruction

Trump wants to ramp up US arms sales, and a top diplomat is pushing weapons deals in China's backyard

The Trump administration is pushing to expand US arms sales abroad, drafting diplomats to promote US weapons makers.


Art of the defense deal: Trump aims to dramatically boost U.S. arms exports

The Trump administration is putting the final touches on a plan to dramatically increase American military hardware sales around the world, paving the way for faster and bigger deals with a range of countries from Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia that have faced limits and barriers to buying from U.S. defense firms.

“The logic behind this is that we need to do better and faster at approving deals with countries that we know are going to go elsewhere and buy from China, Russia, France, Australia, Israel if the U.S. is too slow in the approval process,” the official said.


The Most Worthless & Corrupt Global Organization on This Earth

The head of a leading women’s rights movement has called for an independent investigation into what she calls pervasive bullying and sexism within a UN agency, alleging that she was harassed and sexually assaulted while working for the organisation.


Labour MP Gareth Thomas warned of “inadequate processes” for dealing with complaints at UNAids. There has been “a decade’s concern about a declining culture in the organisation, described to me as misogynistic and patriarchal”.


Linda Sorci said...

Hi Marcel,

It's getting harder and harder for conservatives to have a voice. Many YouTube conservative independent news channels have been pulled down and terminated without notice and without explanation. The same with Facebook.

Things are really speeding up here in the U.S.A. and all around the world. The Middle East is a powder keg and so is North Korea. Who knows when and what the ignition switch will be.

God bless you and keep you in His hand as you keep on keepin' on.


Anonymous said...

Are you able to straighten out the google interference? Sounds like they are hitting your site.

When I check news sites it seems that all nations are pouring their funds into sophisticated weapons for the efficient mass destruction of millions of human beings. The U.S. could not afford to miss out on those kind of profits, could they?

I for one will be glad when The LORD GOD melts them down into their original form and feeds them to satan and his slaves who make and sell them.

I pray The LORD+ shield your computer from the google monster, and you can keep putting out the Truth, which is offensive to them.

Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

They are going after truth and that reveals how dark it is becoming everywhere.
I saw on Drudge where they are working to shut down Alex Jones youtube channel.

'Things are really speeding up here in the U.S.A. and all around the world.'

That's for sure. They are really behind schedule and these marxist globalists media are in it until they get their agenda done by hook or by crook.
And thats includes gun confiscation as all dark and sinister, totalitarian revolutions do.

I updated my google chrome browser and it seems to have shut down some back door bugs that have been plaguing me here.
I don't know why they don't send a notice or do it automatically ??
Will see if that does it ?

Good to hear from you and hope all is well. God bless you and keep you in these growing more perilous times.

Linda Sorci said...

Google keeps prompting me to use Chrome, but so far, I've refused. I'm still using Internet Explorer and Firefox. I reluctantly use google email, but not their search engine either. I use DuckDuckGo, although I don't suppose at this point there's much difference. People should realize there are spies in every computer that has "Intel Inside". It's named that for a reason :)

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Samson7able,

There are more than enough weapons out there now to destroy the world 1,000 times over.

There sure is a war against truth.

I updated my google browser, kind of just stumbled to this fix.
...and it has helped to block the backdoor bugs that have been messing with me.

Lots of hits from location 'Ukraine' which has targeted me heavily recently and in the past, especially when I badmouth the corrupt FBI or corrupt Washington.

I read where NSA CIA etc. can make their targeting look lie it is coming from any country they want.

No problem signing in now like this morning.

I'll learn soon enough if that is all of it ???

Will keep on reporting the news and how it connects with the word of God until He shuts the door.

Thatnks for your prayers brother.

Marcel Cousineau said...

so far working much better than this morning.
I've been through IE Firefox, Opera and back to chrome.
Since the beginning of 2018 I've noticed the news getting less and less news and more junk at once good news sites.
And I've found google to now be a terrible search engine where they do not update to current news and keep up the years old news stories, it's terrible.

This morning (5am) I heard the Washington Times reporter on the radio Wallstreet Journal news program talking abOut Trump making it easier to see weapons almost eveeywhere.
I has a real hard time finding it, even at the Washington TIMES Web site, foget finding it s google.
We are now in censorship overdrive and once they unplug Drudge it's over.
I'm a small potato but once in a while they don't like what I write and share getting out. (the truth)

... Especially when it comes to offending the false prophet as his followers have deep pockets and bribe everyone to submit to lies about their religion of hate.
They need to silence us before anti-Christ is revealed.
Free news gets scarcer as paywalls tighten.

UAE Pakistan and Algeria visited.


Linda Sorci said...

One other thing, Marcel. Along with bots, censorship, GMOs, vaccines, geoengineering, and more, now they're microwaving (frying) us to death with 5G. Horrifying!

God Bless you, brother!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Wait until Putin, Iran & China make many of us glow in the dark.

No sweat !
We have a real hope and a real everlasting Kingdom that no one can take away from us.

Thank Linda, Have a blessed March and birthday!

Linda Sorci said...

Amen! And thanks for remembering - I'll be 70, God willing :)

Marcel Cousineau said...

Already going into March, going by so fast.

Spring, a good time for a birthday. i'm lovin it, all the buds and new growth, hope I don't kill it all with over fertilizing. :)