Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Devolution of Humanity

Many of us were fed the big Darwinian lie that we as a species were evolving to a higher level.
So many naive and gullible people fell for this big lie.
The truth is humans are devolving back into their barbaric pre-God of the Bible, enlightened, pre-civilized state.

The further away the world gets from Jesus Christ the more evil and barbaric people become.

anti-Christ Islam devouring itself, self destructing, destroying their cities and countries in the name of their bloodthirsty god, is a good example of this

Having rejected Jesus Christ and the truth mankind is in the process of descent and degeneration to a barbaric, and savage state.
The evidence is everywhere.

modern, fool man, headed back to the stone age

Fighting resumes in eastern Ghouta despite 'humanitarian pause'

Residents and activists said the violence was continuing despite claims that a humanitarian corridor would be opened for civilians to flee.


One stupid move and we are into WWIII

 Britain May Join US Strikes Against Syria if Chemical Weapon Use Proven

Britain would consider joining U.S. military strikes against the Syrian government if there is evidence chemical weapons are being used against civilians, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Tuesday.


"They were withholding aid that had been delivered and then using these women for sex," Ms Spencer said.

"Examples were given of women or girls marrying officials for a short period of time for 'sexual services' in order to receive meals; distributors asking for telephone numbers of women and girls; giving them lifts to their houses 'to take something in return' or obtaining distributions 'in exchange for a visit to her home' or 'in exchange for services, such as spending a night with them'."


Mordaunt, who has accused Oxfam of a “complete betrayal of trust” over the way it handled the Haiti revelations earlier this month, warned aid groups: “You cannot help and support people, you cannot give them hope and a chance, you cannot promote human rights or the dignity of every human being, whilst paying them for sex, and whilst funding an industry that exploits them.”


There were 1,986 acts of anti-Semitism in the US last year, according to an ADL audit released Tuesday. That is more than double the total from 2015, which was 942.

The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God:
God is not in all his thoughts.
Psalm 10:4

Conservative activists respond to Florida shooting: 'The left is creating a crisis'

The Guardian is a part of the extreme left, socialist, globalist agenda propaganda media spiders web.
So listen to the video with this in mind.
What is important here is how the godless left are blinded to God and reject His laws and now cry about the by product of their mad and godless way, mass shootings done by godless and evil people.

They want to outlaw the guns because they know good people will have no way to defend themselves from evil people.
It happened under Hitler and the Communist revolutions where millions of unarmed citizens were slaughtered by their governments.
 This is what the latest mass slaughter at Parkland and the Democrat Bolsheviks are all about, only targeting the gun, and not the failure of the FBI and BCSO Sheriff to do their jobs.

The left don't care about criminals being armed, if they did they would have cleaned up Democrat ruled Chicago with it's gangs loaded to the hilt with guns. 

Remember how many criminals, felons, criminal illegals, Obama released from prison early to prey upon the American people ?  Thousands.  It's all about their leftist revolution.

Sadly the right like the left (for the most part) have forgotten God and that makes this deep division between these two political groups a coming major train wreck where everyone loses, everyone gets hurt.

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