Friday, March 10, 2017

Kill the "Idea" Behind ISIS

Amal Clooney: Don't let Islamic State get away with genocide

"Killing ISIS on the battlefield is not enough. We must kill the idea behind ISIS by exposing the brutality and bringing individual criminals to justice,"  
Amal Clooney

Tolerance for evil has overthrown the now amoral and suicidal west !

What so many brainwashed, confused people and useful idiots in the West are afraid to say is that the Koran and Islam itself is the root, the heart, the source, the idea, behind Islamic State and all Islamic terrorism.

Why is it that Western leaders including the reprobate Pope Francis can not bring themselves to face the truth, the evident reality that Muslim are motivated by the teaching and acts of the false prophet Mohammed and his UNHOLY BOOK OF HATE the Koran to commit evil and genocide everywhere this evil religion is practiced.

Why is such evident evil accepted and honored by most of the world  ?

So I will say what Amal Clooney and so many are afraid to say; 

The IDEA behind ISIS is the KORAN, the ONLY BOOK you will find in the possession of every Islamic State jihadist, Muslim terrorist, and MUSLIM war criminal.
They are only following the teachings of Mohammed, the false prophet they follow with religious devotion.

The Muslim terrorists are devotees, who obey their unholy and evil book of hate and intolerance where murdering infidels is openly preached. At the same time Western leaders and wolves in sheeps skin religious leader like Pope Francis and Rome lead their foolish flock astray with lie after lie that the religion of all terrorism is a religion of peace.

That lie from the mouths of so many nefarious world leaders including presidents, apostate religious leaders, prime ministers, chancellors, queens, kings, academia, Govt. intel agencies and popes is straight from the pit of hell

The wolves in white have brainwashed the naive sheep


The fruit it produces proves this beyond any doubts

Something too many naive and easily duped people headed for slaughter are incapable of figuring out even thought the evidence is everywhere and overwhelming.    


Turkey getting away with its latest genocide

Turkey-PKK conflict: UN report tells of '2,000 dead' since truce collapse

The west has become too weak, feeble and impotent to stand up to the new Nazi's of the 21st century


  1. Hi Marcel,

    Finally got our power back this morning - it's been out for 3 days with temperatures in the 20's. Lost a lot of food too.

    Here's an article that was in my inbox this morning, speaking of genocide - and wouldn't you know the Catholic Church is involved, at least according to the article:

    Blessings, brother.


    1. Hi Linda,
      Was planning to email you today and find out what was up.
      3 days a long time,especially with those temps, not sure what I would have done ?
      We are really prisoners of this modern advanced technology.
      The fact that my ancestors lived without electricity and did not let winter get in the way of living, working, fur trapping, farming, etc never ceases to amaze me.

      We don't have what they had and that's why an EMP will kill off millions of modern day Americans who like me will be Wal*Mart deprived.

      Good to hear all is 'somewhat' well thanks for the link.

      There is so much dirt and filth on this evil entity how can anyone in their right mind remain a Catholic unless they put corrupt tradition above god which is idolatry.

    2. I looked at this power outage as a trial run - not that I didn't have plenty of those during hurricane season in South Florida. My poor old body would have much preferred the heat to the frigid temps up here.

      I wouldn't have gotten the email till power came back on but I do appreciate you checking on me :) Texting worked for awhile but had to preserve cell phone battery too.

      The Catholic Church has been involved in so much scandal - and that's a mild word! My family was Catholic and God must have been working in my even as a child because I always felt uncomfortable at church there. As soon as I left home, I left the church too. Praise God!

      Thank you for your concern, brother. Hope all's well there.

  2. Samson7able here;
    You are right Marcel.
    The west does not have the wit or the will to stand up to the new Nazism, islam.

    Now the unclean Roman catholic church has linked up with islam and are showing the world what they, the false church, really are.

    Linda Sorci had a rough time it seems. Three days with no electricity! I don't know how prepared we are for a bad event. I know many brothers and sisters who cannot "Prep" very much. Some of the prep stuff is expensive and many go from paycheck to paycheck, and are thankful to have food and clothing and shelter each day. Having a few foods put back and maybe an alternative way of cooking might be good. We do have a good water filter, we don't drink the fluoride/chlorine city water. What are your thoughts on the "prepping"situation. Thankful Linda Sorci os OK.

    1. Hi brother,
      Thanks for your comment, always good to hear from you.

      Simple living mixed with much prayer is the best prepping.
      I haven't bought into the big business survival food and have stored regular, affordable canned foods, toilet paper and water, hurricane lamps, etc. and use a 4 burner propane stove top to cook with that I got for $25.00 many years ago. The propane tank lasts forever, almost.

      I learned about stocking some things for years, like canned tomato sauce does not end well.

      Lots of wood and squirrels to cook if it gets to that but only God knows. Will head to Israel if I survive.

      I believe much of the prepper efforts without God first is vanity and many preppers will not withstand the direct nuclear strikes when they come and they will come.

      I've got a can that will fit down my 4 inch well when there is no more power or fuel for the noisy generator that will attract the wrong people.
      Now I need to find some weights so the can goes below the water level.
      I live near a few natural springs but they will be places to stay away from when it all goes down to hell.
      I'm up there in my 60's no family so the bible verse; Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it.
      Pretty much trusting in the Lord first, as he gives and takes away.
      Good Health and good neighbors or no neighbors is also oh so important.
      Just losing power for a few days wears us modern American folks down. I can't imagine the ugly hell holes big and little cities will turn into in just a few days.

    2. Thank you, Samson. We came through ok. Walked around wrapped in blankets along with clothes, hoods and jackets. We're pretty good at prepping having lived in hurricane country for many years - which I would have preferred to this bitter cold :) We also have a water filter, and we stock up on packaged dry and canned food - none of that overpriced 'prepper food'. And we have a gas grill too, so that's a big help. If our generator had been working, we would've had heat. It's now at the repair shop and they discovered there was a mouse nest in it lol! It's just a bit rougher to go through at our age - nearly 70, but Our Lord is faithful.

      Thank you so much for your concern, brother.