Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Killing Fields of Islam

Therefore hell has enlarged herself,and opened her mouth without measure:
Isaiah 5:14

March is the 6 year anniversary of Syria's never ending internecine, Muslim vs. Muslim War, and on this sixth anniversary the U.S. ratchets up it's military intervention in yet another failed/cursed Islamic country.

Afghanistan-Fail, Somalia-Fail, Libya-Fail, Iraq-Fail, Yemen-Fail, Syria-Fail..... 

This has disaster written all over it.  

This latest U.S. intervention in the Middle East, Syria, where cursed Islam is at war with itself for too many years with hundreds of thousands dead and millions of Muslims displaced by fellow Muslims will not end well for America.

'What has happened to Syria and it's people is what they wanted to do to Israel'

The killing fields of Islam have become crowded with too many armies and volunteer, global crusaders and killers for allah.  Too many countries are being drawn here like moths to the flames.

Muslim Turkey is not happy that America is siding with the Muslim Kurds, so this could go even deeper down to hell's basement.

Neither Iran's IRG army or Hezbollah will be dislodged from Syria and American soldiers there are too tempting an opportunity for the cult of death to pass up. ISIS will also exact their pound's of flesh from the infidels as well.

Syria's number 1 loyal ally Russia and America's other foes will make sure that things do not go well for America and Trumps latest 'boots on the ground' war adventure.  

US sends hundreds of marines to Syria to support fight against Isis

It appeared the U.S. forces were largely there to ensure Turkish fighters and Syrian opposition groups focused on battling Isis rather than each other.

The alliance is expected to launch an assault on Raqqa in the coming weeks.

Have you noticed ?  
Evil Islam is already under God's judgments  

No surprise that I found this news from two foreign media sources first and not any American news source.


Merkel tells Turkey to stop Nazi references, Turkey repeats comparison

Germany's Merkel under training by Islamic Supremacy Turkey to become good dhimmi

The fool, German Chancellor Angela Merkel - too stupid to realize that devout Muslims do not respect infidels who are being trained to be silent, defeated and submissive dhimmis.

Because the West has rejected the Light of the World, Jesus Christ and His Living Word the Truth, they walk in darkness and elect idiots to lead them to hell.

Psalms 9:17


Kosov is majority Albanian Muslim. Notice how hard they work to make it anything other than Islamic terrorism. You don't have to ax 7 infidels to do a suicide by cop.  It's B.S. and more B.S. is on the way as they are driven to protect their religion of terrorism and the 'free range' Muslim terrorists they have imported into Europe


Germany axe attack: Several injured at Duesseldorf train station

Islam and it's violent terrorism is a psychological problem.
The German government has to cover up and protect the religion of terrorism or else they expose their gross failures.

The 36-year-old suspect from the former Yugoslavia suffers from psychological problems, Duesseldorf police said.
The motive for the attack is unclear, and police are not describing it as being related to terrorism.
German federal police earlier tweeted a warning to the public not to engage in speculation.
How amazing - they made a medical diagnosis rather quickly. The new descriptive name for Muslim terrorists , AKA refugees in Germany is 'suffering from mental issues.' 
Just as France is now doing the German Authorities need to cover up the terrorism their Muslim immigrants engage in because if they told the truth they would have to admit that they are criminally negligent for bringing in the Trojan Horse Islamic invaders who follow the Koran and see INFIDEL German citizens as easy prey.
Interesting how they do not identify the name of the 'former' Yugoslav state he is from or his name ? 
The German police state now tweets warnings to the victims of their failed immigration insanity not to think for themselves as they will do the thinking for them and twist the truth in a way that protects the incompetent fools who lead the country down to the pit of hell.   


Iran, getting ready for the certain to come end of days war!

Thank you so much, dear destroyer Obama and all his supporters for helping to make this coming destruction of epic proportions possible!

Iranian tested a cruise missile called "Sumar" that is capable of carrying nuclear weapons in addition to test-firing a medium-range ballistic missile on Sunday, German newspaper Die Welt reported Thursday, citing unspecified intelligence sources.


Defiant Iran Conducts More Ballistic Missile Tests; This Time From Naval Vessel


This tells me that they, North Korea along with the big boys are ready for war with the USA.


No guarantees for tomorrow, life is too short not to prepare for eternity!

 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

German woman also died in wreck that killed UF student from Boca

Nicole Scherten, 23
Caroline Alfano, 20


Anonymous said...

Samson7able here;

Absolutely Amen Marcel!
It goes from bad to worse. Truly islam is cursed of YHWH. Those who support and condone the lying entity will be destroyed along with them.

Thank you for putting this on. We never would have seen it in the western media,

Marcel Cousineau said...

yep, from bad to worse and those who walk in the darkness and listen to the false prophets of our day can not see it.

Those who give a wink and a nod to evil Islam even after all their evil deeds are evident and under their noses will pay the price for their embrace of darkness and evil.
Thanks you brother for your solid comment.

Very few today love the truth having turned to fables and lies.