Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Arab League Warns: Islam is 'Serious Threat To World Peace'


"It just takes an embassy move to Israel's Capitol, Jerusalem, for the Arab/Islamic world to threaten world peace."

“The establishment of any diplomatic mission in Jerusalem, or transfer of one to the city, is an explicit assault on the rights of the Palestinian people and all Muslims and Christians, and a serious violation of international law,” the League of Racist, Jew hating Arabs said.

“It would constitute a serious threat to peace and security in the region, as well as contribute to an implosion of the two-state solution, and the promotion of extremism and violence.”

Muslims always threaten and use violence to get their way. 

They've gotten away with it for too long.
It does not look like President D. Trump has it in him to stand up to the Arab Gangsters, it's much easier for him to betray Israel.
It's past time for Israel to stop appeasing this evil and stand up to the bullies of the religion of hate because Islam and the League of Racist Arab's will not stop until they have liberated all of Israel back into the Islam fold. The two state final solution is the end game for reclaiming Israel for Islam.

The Arab's do not hide their false "peace" agenda and are very open about it.

(see Arab map below)

The Arab Leagues 'peace' means no more Israel

The nerve of this rabid Arab gang of hate to drag Christians into their jihad against Israel and the Jews.

Arab League of Hate

Stop using we Christians (which Islam persecutes) in your most evil war against Israel

worth repeating;

It just takes an embassy move to Israel's Capitol, Jerusalem, for the Arab / Islamic world to threaten world peace.

Eventually Islam will have to be permanently neutered destroyed for there to be any true and lasting peace around the world. God shall accomplish this wonderful deliverance for the earth.

Only then, when the big lie Islam is no more, will Arab and Jew live side by side in true and lasting peace.

Religion of hate where Muslims can't even live in peace among themselves !  

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