Monday, March 13, 2017

Hitlers Mein Kampf sales soar in Turkey

What you won't hear about in the media is that there are millions of Muslim Turks in Germany alone and millions more along with millions of other Muslims across Europe. Turkeys hardcore Islamic dictator is now making his move to bring a very weak, now Islam invaded Europe into submission to him and his Islamic will.

That is the heart of the matter that Europe can not and will never admit to because in their comatose state they have been neutered by the Trojan Horse they opened their gates to and embraced.

A new Hitler arises in Turkey with Islam having replace Nazism and now extending his Islamic stranglehold into weak, weak, Islamic  hordes weakened Europe under threat.

This article from March 29th 2005 helps to explain what has happened to once normal and secular Turkey. After twelve years of Turkey ingesting the Nazi poison, 'Mein Kampf", it's effects are now evident. There is a price to pay for this Turkish wickedness especially after knowing beforehand all  of the evil and destruction this man and his book brought to so many.

Turkey has sown the seeds of their own misery and destruction just as Syria has done by it's hatred and many wars against Israel.

Have you noticed how much Turkey's Tayipp Erdogan has Hitler on his mind as he accuses Europe of Nazi tendencies while it is he who is seizing Hitler like absolute power and targeting all opposition in Hitler like fashion ?

The Islamic Caliphate Erdogan is building in Turkey under his "new" Hitler style authoritarian rule is now extending into infidel Europe, and it is hard to miss... if you are paying attention.
What the dictator of Turkey is doing now with the Netherlands is reminding them that infidels must submit or else.
Will Europe capitulate to the invading Islamic hordes they have welcomed or will Europe resist ?

The many threats against Europe by Erdogan is Hitlerian !

"I have said that I had thought that Nazism was over, but I was wrong," Tayipp Erdogan said... as he looked in the mirror.

Erdogan should look in the mirror

One Turkish newspaper referred to the Dutch on Monday as the "dogs of Europe"

Mein Kampf, the book Hitler wrote in prison before he rose to power in 1933, has become a bestseller in Turkey, provoking consternation.


The evil seeds have been planted and now they sprout as another megalomaniac makes his moves. This time the devil operates openly from Turkey while the West is once again impotent and stuck on stupid.

The fact that Turkey's dictator has not been sanctioned or harshly rebuked by the West and that Turkey remains in NATO reveals their (NATO, USA, EU, UN) weakness and total lack of spine and morality.



"The religion of Islam is incompatible with the Judaeo-Christian foundation of the west which the godless left have been working hard to destroy. This is why the evil left and the extremist intolerant religion of hate, threats and never ending bloodshed and violence work so well together to destroy the foundation that made the West what it once was."

When there is a sizable percentage of  Muslims in Europe the mask comes off and they will dominate over the infidels. That is what we are seeing now with Turkey and the Netherlands.


Israel,  always in the bad habit of not standing firm and appeasing Islam has helped to turn the Turkish rat Erdogan into a monster.

Israel Accepts Dhimmi Jew Status, Pays Turkey $21 million Jizya Bribe


Israel Pays Turkey $20 Million in Reparations Agreed Upon in Reconciliation Deal


Anonymous said...

Samson7able here:

The insanity gets even worse. The Hitler references only fit Erdogon. There are so many "migrants" now in Europe, Netherlands etc, even by mobilizing military, could they control the muslim / Turkish rioters?

The PTB now have their "imigrant" army in place. Will Turkey invade Netherlands to punish the "infidels"??

We are watching all of this. May The LORD+ help us to be single minded and focused on HIM+.

Peace to you this day Marcel.

Marcel Cousineau said...

even by mobilizing military, could they control the muslim / Turkish rioters?

YES but there would be open war in the streets of Europe, the cost would be bloody and horrible beyond WW II.

Always the same how the death cult bully everyone. They have been doing it to Israel for decades with great success.

Everyone seem to be too afraid to stand up to evil Islam until it is too late as we see with the people of Europe.

It does seem like the Dutch have finally awaken from their coma but will they buckle under the pressure of the Hitler of Turkey ?

Turkey and Islam have already invaded the Netherlands and all of Europe. This is why the FOLLOWERS OF THE FALSE PROPHET are so brazen and bullying now.
More riots, more Islamic terrorism as the racists of Islam accuse the infidels of what they themselves are guilty of.
It will only get worse, God's judgment on the wicked who have forsaken Him is in ramp up motion.

Thanks for your comment. Blessings to you and your family in these dark times.