Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Palestinian Do Not Want Peace

The Palestinians, followers of the false prophet Mohammed, do not want peace with Israel.

The whole Israel, Palestinian peace process is a farce, a lie cooked up in the recesses of hell  which has been used to weaken Israel in order for Islam to come in for the final kill. Muslims have no intention of allowing an infidel Jewish state to remain on land that was once under Islams domination.

Israels existence proves Islam is a lie

.... and that is why the Islamic Republic of Iran and so many other Muslim countries will fight to the death to exterminate Israel.

It is an affront to all good Muslims followers of the false prophet's false god allah that they have lost any lands to Jews, infidel unbelievers, whom they are taught to hate and kill for their bloodthirsty god.

Peace with Islam is impossible, it will have to disappear for there to be real and lasting peace between Arab and Jew.

Palestinian marchers seek Abbas resignation over Israel ties

RAMALLAH, West Bank — Several hundred Palestinians marched in an antigovernment protest Monday, calling for the resignation of President Mahmoud Abbas and criticizing his security coordination with Israel.
Marchers also chanted that ‘‘security coordination is treason.’’ The policy, in which Abbas’s forces and Israeli troops cooperate against Islamic militants, is unpopular among Palestinians.


The policy of limited cooperation is unpopular among Palestinians because Palestinians love their blood lusting, murderous terrorist children whom they raise from birth to hate and kill infidel Jews who they see as trespassing on Muslim land. 

Palestinians want all of Israel, the peace process is a crafty and sinister global sham against Israel and the Jews that Nazi leader Hitler would be envious of.

Palestinians want all of Israel, they say it every day


"The ban of the association breaks up a hot spot of the radical Salafist scene in Germany," 


After all the dangerous, wild animals have been imported into Germany's welcoming barn, many who have been trained to fight Islam's terrorism against we infidels, and have escaped to fight another day, Germany finally shuts just one barn door.

I suppose some people would call that German success ?


You can be sure that this economic attack against no-hate free speech is not targeted against Islam's terrorism, intolerance and hate speech but at those who report the news truthfully.

Those who uncover the deception and official German cover-up of Islamic terrorist attacks by those Muslim terrorist they opened the doors wide to come in and turn once stable Germany upside down are the real targets to silence.   



Know why the godless, leftist propaganda media and their useless idiots hate Breitbart ?

Because they report the real new that they cover up and that really matters !

Europe's tolerance for evil has destroyed them !

Sweden is Finished

The hungry smiling wolves openly sit in the Swedish government

Swedish Minister: Country Needs to Integrate Returning Islamic State Fighters

The very tolerant of evil  hens of Sweden are in grave danger !



Turkey of radical extremist Islam is evil, and Europe is too insanely left, tolerant of evil, impotent, weak and neutered to stand up to evil any more.

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