Saturday, April 9, 2016

Too Bad the Lieutenant Commander is Not Hillary Clinton


U.S. Naval Flight Officer Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin Accused of Giving U.S. Secrets to China


The U.S. government media has buried this story for some reason ?
What don't they want to get out ?
Are they hiding something bigger ?
This happened 8 months ago and it's just now dribbling out with very few details from our terrible media.
Eight months since his arrest and still no name. That is strange, very strange !
Is it because his name is Mohammed ? ........just asking.

They should at least tell us something, or I guess America is just not America any longer !

President Obama has done much more damage to the U.S., and he gets away with it every day.
Why is that, FBI ?
If only this unnamed Navy Commander were Obama or Hillary Clinton, he/she get away with murder, and always get good press whatever they do.

What did the $20 million 'donation' from the Muslims to corrupt Hillary buy the Caliphate Crusaders ?
More Mosques in America ?

Saudi Arabia – $10-25 million Morocco – $1-5 million Oman – $1-5 million United Arab Emirates $1-5 million Kuwait – $5-10 million Bahrain – $50,000-$100,000 Qatar – $1-5 million Algeria – $250,000-$500,000

'In America, the real traitors and crooks run Washington and their propaganda media.'

Navy officer charged with espionage in military court at Norfolk Naval Station

Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, a service member is eligible for the death penalty for espionage if found “guilty of an offense that directly concerns nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, early warning systems, or other means...
The lieutenant commander is being held at the brig in Chesapeake and appeared at the military equivalent of a preliminary hearing at Norfolk Naval Station on Friday, according to the Navy. The officer’s identity has not been released, and charge sheets detailing his alleged crimes were heavily redacted.

The charge sheets say the officer wrongfully transported classified material, failed to properly store classified material and failed to report the compromise of information classified as secret. The officer also failed to report foreign contacts, according to the charge sheets.

We are above the law, unlike the rest of you!

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