Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Brown Shirts are Back

Rights and freedom are being stripped away day by day in the West.

The dark forces of hell, using their godless, leftist Brown Shirt, brainwashed, angry young thugs and the sharia despots of Islam to silence any speech or thought that does not agree with their narrow, evil ways.

Interesting how the faaar left media never use the term Far Left or Angry Mobs, to describe their Brown Shirts in action, denying free speech to the peaceful, law abiding and non-violent.

They are using rioting, intimidation, threats and violence because they are lawless, criminal mobs.
The Faaaar left, criminals. illegals, communist, socialist, anarchists, demon possessed, angry, deceived, misguided, brainwashed youth, are pushing their bloody revolution in the streets of America now.
Best to stay out of their way because they want blood.

The twisted media even tried to blame Trump for the violence of their co-horts who hate freedom and free speech.
Did you noticed that ?
It's their perverted way or else they will bring it all down.

Sounds like the devil and his angry, violent mob to me. They have much in common with the devil's other violent, bloodthirsty mobs of Islam. They serve the same 'Father of Lies.'

What we are witnessing now in Germany and the US are the return of the brown shirt politically intolerant gangs of godless, wicked mobs hell bent on destruction if they don't get their way.
The twisted media call them protesters when they are nothing but rioting mobs trying to silence freedom.

Have you noticed how silent Obama is with his lawless mobs and his imported illegals who rudely and criminally abuse American hospitality ?

They are Obama's totalitarian brigades, and that is why he is silent, giving them a wink and a nod.

The angry mobs will not be satisfied until they burn it all down

Donald Trump forced from his motorcade amid chaotic protests at California convention

German police arrest 400 protesters outside far-right party meeting


Obama and Putin locked in supreme, king of the hill struggle for dominance. Only one winner in this showdown and Putin has China, Iran, North Korea, etc. on his side.
Obama has only his face in the mirror with him, forget about useless NATO.

The Book of Obadiah is a good book in the Bible to understand where we are with the arrogant, godless empire.

Russia challenges US after Baltic jet face-off


Muslims continue hate and murder of fellow Muslims in Iraq

Daytime cooking ban in India as heatwave claims 300 lives

Hot and windy weather swept through shantytowns and thatched-roof houses in villages and killed 79 people. They included 10 children and five adults killed in a fire sparked during a Hindu prayer ceremony in Bihar’s Aurangabad district last week.

A world in upheaval before Messiah Jesus returns, it's here.

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