Saturday, April 2, 2016

One Nation Under Satan

Has anyone else noticed how the US is always "questioning" Israel's commitment to their bogus peace process... but they never question the Muslim terrorists, aka- the Palestinians, commitment to it, never, not even when the intentions of the Palestinians to wipe out Israel is out in the open for everyone to see ?

America, now firmly under the influence and control of Satan uses their phony peace process as a tight leash around Israel's neck to control the Jews and keep them locked up in their PRISON CAMP OF THE FAKE PEACE.
Soon enough God will destroy this American Yoke of bondage it has placed around Israel's neck

Not long ago it was President Reagan calling out the Soviet Union as 'the evil empire'.

It's clear to many who love the truth and choose to not be blind that this label has found a new address with the evil now even surpassing Russia's dark era.

America, what a pal, always sending Israel on a dark cloud, guilt trip

One of the big ways Satan uses the U.S. (under the guise of friend) against Israel is in using guilt as a snare, a trap.
Israel so easily accepts any questionable guilt flung it's way for some strange reason ?
Maybe this goes back to when Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt ?

The devil and his workers in Washington know how well this crafty tool works against the Jews as they always fall into this trap while evil Islam and the Arab's never do no matter what crimes against humanity they are guilty of.
Right ? Sudanese President Omar al Bashir ? - 'Who got away with genocide in Darfur without even a slap on the wrist.'
Meanwhile Israel is berated and threatened daily by the US, EU, UN for building homes.
Yes there is a hell awaiting you hypocrites of the global community and you silent ones.

A true friend and ally would never do this, especially on a continual basis.
I sure hope Israel wakes up from this deadly trap, road map to Sheol and soon !

While the evil one in the White House continues to cover up for and protect Islam's violence, hate and evil across the globe, his U.S. State Department gets quite nervous and concerned whenever the Jews apply sovereign rights over their own land, an ownership that the devil contests daily by the inch.

They just can't help themselves meddling, butting in like the bully they are against tiny Israel, when it comes to this.
But with Islam's jihad against Israel, no big deal, just turn a blind eye and blame the Jewish victims of Islam's treachery.

And so the devil himself works hard to use his bully pulpit to steal Israel's sovereignty by preaching Satan's message from hell against Israel, never once daring to rebuke his very own false religion, Islam, and it's bloody, murderous, genocidal scourge across planet earth.

US 'concerned' about Israel destroying (illegal) Palestinian homes

The United States is "concerned" about Israel's demolition of Arab buildings in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, a State Department spokeswoman said on Friday, saying that these actions are much more troubling to us than the Palestinian terrorist hordes and their brainwashed children killing innocent Jews.
That does not bother U.S. as we never take any concrete actions against Palestinian incitement because we really don't care. In fact by always rewarding the Palestinians we are encouraging it.
Our primary objective is to only target and question Israel's commitment to our final solution scheme, wrapped in a pretty ribbon, just for them.

"Every plan, however small or great, aligned with our nefarious agenda that rewards Islam and it's open agenda of exterminating Israel, we are on the same page with, but we have to be crafty and devious about it even though the masses, especially the naive Jews are so easily deceived."

I'm doing as much as I can on the Jewish problem in the Muslim Middle East, but I have to be
careful, crafty and deceptive in order to continue to ensnare the naive Jews.
We wouldn't want them to wake up to what we're really doing would we ?

If we can carve up Israel into unsustainable borders using the two-state final solution then we are much further along in fixing the Jewish problem in the Middle East.
Look at how well pressuring Israel to retreat from Gaza has worked for us, and the naive Jews are still falling in lock step with our evil plan.

The spokeswoman added that it raised questions about Israel's commitment to our two-state final solution to the Palestinian / Islamic jihad against Israel conflict.
We know that stealing Israeli land and giving it to the Palestinian Terrorist Authority is the best way to encourage more jihad against Israel and correct the Israel problem we helped to create in 1948.
This Jewish appeasement and retreat for our phony peace will bring us to the final battle against Israel
For many decades, the naive Jews have been very obedient to our perverted demands and willingly cut their own throat for our evil agenda, but now their actions here are quite troubling to us.

U.S. Satanic Statecraft spokeswoman for America's Auschwitz Borders for Israel Agenda said Washington was "concerned" and the demolitions, coupled with continuing Israeli construction and settlement activity "undermine the possibility of our final two-state solution to the Israel problem and our Arab partners are also very concerned."

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