Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The first time the Muslim hordes invaded Europe they were beaten back and defeated by a Europe who prayed to God for help.

This time the invaders have little opposition from Europeans who have ditched their faith in God.
In fact, the insane godless Europeans invite them in to destroy them and their culture.

Insanity, (as we see in Europe) happens when nations and peoples forsake the true God revealed in Judeo-Christian Tanach/Bible.

Marseille synagogue to be converted into mosque

A Muslim cultural association, Al Badr, is to purchase the Or Thora synagogue, which is used less and less by the Jewish community, the city's top Jewish leader Zvi Ammar said Tuesday.

"We all have the same God, the main thing is for this to proceed in harmony," he said.

If Muslims served the same God as Jews and Christian's, then why do they seek to exterminate both ?
Why is there no peace anywhere with Muslims, even among themselves.
Because the god they serve is Satan.

It's sad to see such a deceived Jewish leader continue to deceive others with this big lie that Muslims serve the same God.
They are not the same, there is no comparison.

allah, the false god of Muslims has no mercy or compassion.

Mohammed was a false prophet who stole much of what he wrote from the torah and created his own perverted and evil religion based on stealing, killing, raping and forced conversions.

How can so many like Zvi be so deceived and not know the Tanach which makes clear that lying, deceiving false prophets have no place or position with a Holy God.


Anonymous said...

Almost unbelievable! How could a Jewish man who knows anything about The WORD of YHWH make this kind of statement? He simply must not believe it! The islamic slaves of satan cooperate with NO ONE. He will be forced to submit to the muslim lies or else.

Even a casual historic study will show that The LORD GOD of Israel is Holy, and perfect, and GOOD.

The thing that islam claims to worship is obviously a demon thirsty for human blood. Wake up lukewarm Christians and Jews also. Don't play the fool.

Anonymous said...

He is a good example of so many who would rather believe delusional lies instead of the truth.

God is the God of reality and those who embrace lies and darkness have made a very bad choice, the worst choice, they've rejected the God of all truth.
You can't live in a lie and love God with all of your heart.

Tim Shey said...

Allah is the Moon God and, of course, the Moon God is the Devil. The Koran was inspired by Satan. Look at all of the nations that are predominantly Muslim: they are dry, barren deserts---cursed by God.

doublenickel said...

That rabbi must be one of those self-hating anti-Zionist Jews who are working to undermine Israel. There's no accounting for a death wish.

Your comment about America's enemies striking us unawares is very much according to what Dumitru Duduman received around 30 years ago. Read: Through the Fire Without Burning. This is a book that's been rattling around in my head for all these years since I first read it.

I work in a large West Coast city. We live in the countryside 37 miles from my place of work. I've been praying almost daily for years that the catastrophe (whatever it will be) won't strike while I'm at work. Perhaps you'd say I'm testing God, but we're not free to move. YET. I look forward to that day!
Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim, good to see you are well and thanks for your comments.

Double Nickle reminded me of the desert god the other day thats what the Paki Christians told him.
THANKS for reaffirming that to me.

That is amazing, I want to write something on that important fact soon.

'Perhaps you'd say I'm testing God'

No, I believe Jesus wants us to pray about everything and expect Him to hear and answer.
i don't know if I'll make it when we get hit, I've been praying for Jesus to open a door for me to leave but nothing yet.
I did get my psprt renewed.
Either way, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and that paradise, not this decaying place.
I have to post anon, google won't let me comment using my blog account.