Friday, April 15, 2016

NATO Expansion, Both Killed DEAD by Russia

And behold, another beast, a second one, resembling a bear.
And it was raised up on one side, and *three ribs were in its mouth between its teeth; and thus they said to it, ‘Arise, devour much meat!’

Daniel 7:5

This is where the road which the US and NATO have chosen leads.

Washington promised Russia in the 90's that it would not expand NATO and it's proven to be another lie, another broken promise.

'The Washington elites already understand Russia's long held paranoia due to previous invasions of Russia from the West, don't they ? The last one, not too long ago being Germany where millions died in Russia ...and yet they keep poking the bear, '

I'm just a student of history and the infallible Word of God who see's this news headline of the US and NATO's defeat before it happens because of all the previous stupid acts by the stupid western bear agitators and pokers and the many responses by Russia, the getting angrier and angrier bear, to these pokes.

It does not take a history major or teacher to see where this battle for dominance between Washington and Moscow is headed.
The US Navy in the Baltic sea would be like the Russian Navy in the Gulf of Mexico.

How would American's feel if Russia was was working with Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas in a military alliance ?

Well that is exactly what the nuts in Washington are doing with Russia, but they can't see their own blind stupidity because of their dark aurora of superiority and their pit of hell pride.

Earlier we had the short war in Georgia. That message which Russia sent to Washington didn't get through.
Then we've recently had Ukraine and Syria, and those two attempts by Washington to dominate in Russia's sphere of influence has only awakened the bear.
Washington with it's many destabilizing and failed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the recent US/NATO fiasco in Libya where Islamic State profited greatly, along with it's warmongering and meddling in Syria and Ukraine tells us who the bad guys are here.

Russia has not been invading countries and turning them into garbage dumps of human misery and death, overflowing sewer of hell, but the US has.
The Poles would do well to understand that the in the end, the US will do more harm for them than good. LOOK AROUND, Remember Vietnam ?
Better to keep the bear nonthreatening, give it no reason to become threatening, no ?

The continuous poking of the bear by Obama and the pride of hell, globalist elite has only angered the bear even more.
Putin's message delivered by the Russian Air Force to Obama and NATO via the USS Donald Cook doing military war games with Poland in the Baltic Sea(Russia's front yard) was another angry warning from the bear that Secretary Kerry and Obama once again failed to understand.

Maybe we have arrived to the point where Putin sends no more warnings ?

This is headed straight to war because we have godless idiots for leaders.

This unfolding tragedy for the world, now in high gear, reminded me of a true story, made into a revealing movie which I saw a number of years ago about another suicidal fool who loved to play with bears.

Grizzly Man

I see the same tragic end to the US and NATO who keep poking the bear after being given fair warning so many times before and ignoring them just like "mad" Timothy Treadwell did up in Alaska.

* which countries are the three ribs ?
Are they Georgia, Ukraine and Poland ?
I have no doubt that Russia is going to send a message to eastern Europe, the EU and US that everyone can hear and understand clearly.

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