Friday, April 1, 2016

Muslim on Muslim Genocide Continues in Syria

Why does the emergency medial tech keep repeating the Islamic phrase 'allah akbar', 'allah is great' ?
What is great about this Muslim on Muslim genocide ?

Is it because jihad allah sent his other Muslim followers to kill and injure these Muslims ?
A crazy and barbaric, crimes against humanity religion, and the world is busy abusing and targeting civilized Israel instead of dealing a death blow to this global curse of Islam.

allah's not great, he's got no compassion or mercy, none, nada, zip, zero, in fact he's the god of destruction we know as Satan

US 'appalled' by deadly air strikes in Damascus suburb

The US having set a bad example by bombing one too many hospitals and killing too many to count Afghan civilians at wedding parties said in their standard hypocritical way that it condemned any attacks directed at civilians.

TARGETING HOSPITAL's - No Big Deal for the US and it's Saudi Ally

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