Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jihad Obama's Phony War Against Islamic State

The Russian's have only been in the fight since late September 2015 .
Obama's been training and arming the 'moderate' Muslim terrorists for years now and what does he have to show except for media spin, media deception and media lies ?

At least the Russian's and Syrian's have retaken Palmyra, that's a lot more than the slick talking, pathological liar in the White House has to show for all the time and money he's flushed down his wag the dog, phony war against his brothers in jihad.

Dear Jihad Obama, thank you for the free Humvees, we painted them white so you could more easily see them from the air in order to not target us fellow jihadists.

While the Russian's who have been in the fight against the global Islamic terrorists infesting Syria and Iraq for a much shorter time than Jihad Obama, they have had much more success.

This is because Russia is fighting a real war against Islamic state while Obama who does everything with fakery and deception is putting on a wag the dog show.

How is it that IS fuel supplies have yet to be neutralized ?
Why didn't he get serious about shutting down their Internet, social media,YouTube, Twitter accounts and every other recruiting tool ?
Why have major targets in Raqqa not been eliminated by Obama yet ?
Why did he do nothing to rescue the thousands of kidnapped and tortured Yazidi's and Christians ?
Why has he allowed Turkey to be a gateway for Muslims from across the globe to cross over into Syria to join this jihad crusade ?
What about the billions of dollars and US service-mens lives wasted in arming and training not so moderate Muslims who soon went over to Islamic State or began fighting each other ?
He fights this war to lose it and allows the well trained Islamic terrorists to flood into Europe and the U.S. and this is why he has purposely kept the southern border wide open for them.
It's part of the hopeless change that he promised to bring to America thanks to the stupid voters who elected him twice.

The US President is only allowing for a very limited war against this serious, growing ISLAMIC threat.
An example of this is how long it has taken for a pathetic and poorly U.S. trained and armed Iraqi Army that has yet to even retake Mosul.

The stupid and bound to fail US strategy is to tell IS long in advance that they are coming.

They've been talking about it and not much more for months now.

Iraqi PM announces plan to retake Mosul Feb 12, 2016

Iraq assault to retake Mosul from ISIL months away March 6

Troops Planning to Retake Mosul March 11, 2016

Meanwhile in a short time Russia has helped Assad retake Palmyra

Palmyra's recapture a psychological boost for fight against IS

And Jihad Hussein Obama only allows for very limited strikes against his Islamic State boys in order to keep an illusion of his fight going.

IS rocket expert 'killed by drone' - US

So when is Jihad Obama going to give the green light, permission to the (U.S. trained to run away in defeat, armed and rearmed for years) Iraqi army to take back Mosul ?

This slick slippery snake has managed to fool so many for so long with crafty ease.

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