Thursday, April 7, 2016

Frankenstein Scientists and We, Their Human Guinea Pigs

It was only after Oxitec started trials in Piracicaba, Brazil that we began to hear of this 'new' Zika virus and it's spread has been unusually fast.
The last link below is a disclaimer article absolving Oxitec and scientists from any responsibility using the standard attacks on any who questions these mad, 'godlike' scientists and their arrogant and untested manipulations of creation.

backfire, blow-back science

How many times have these arrogant fools been wrong and covered up their culpability with propaganda and lies using their media whores to go after those (calling them names like tinfoil hats and conspiracy theorists) who expose their extremely dangerous tinkering and the unknown factor of this Pandora's Box Science that they have carelessly and with great stupidity opened up ?


It all boils down to the question of trust.
After too many bad deeds and criminal incompetence set forth by the corrupt, untrustworthy and greedy elites with no accountability and a dumbed down population where they can get away with this stuff I've learned something.
These arrogant, pompous 'wise' fools are extremely dangerous, mad scientists who have outdone the evil which the Third Reich doctors and scientists were know for.

How many drugs have been approved by the corrupt FDA which had to be removed from the marketplace of greedy Pharma pigs because too many people were dying from their 'government approved' toxic chemical brew ?
How many people including those at the FDA were held accountable (lost their jobs, license to practice medicine, jail time) for all those naive, trusting people who died because of deadly Vioxx ?

There are hundreds of these toxic drugs on the market today.
If you have the misfortune of watching TV and the incessant commercials where the drug manufacturers peddle their toxic drugs and the greedy lawyers peddle their lawsuits against them you begin to grasp a sick onto death nation being raped and killed by powerful, greedy and evil forces.

Big Pharma's Witch's Brew is Big Money $$$

Are Scientists to blame for the Zika virus ? Researchers released genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil 3 years ago.

In Piracicaba, the company says trials that started in April (2015) have reduced wild mosquito larvae by 82 percent.

Oxitec says trials conducted in Brazil and other countries over the past decade show releasing bioengineered male mosquitoes can reduce the wild Aedes aegypti population by 90 percent.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Join The Fight To Stop Zika Virus

In this country, Oxitec is currently awaiting FDA approval to conduct trials of its genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. After an outbreak of dengue fever in Key West several years ago, county officials and Oxitec agreed to see if releasing the genetically modified mosquitoes here can help control the Aedes aegypti population. Many local residents have expressed concerns about the consequences of releasing genetically modified mosquitoes into the environment.

The science god's never make mistakes, didn't you know, they're infallible !

No, GM Mosquitoes Didn't Start the Zika Virus (?)

Has there really been any long term and serious study from outsiders not beholden to the $ greed factor to find out the pitfalls of this mad, unrestrained, out of control science tinkering with nature ?

Brazil, a hotspot for dengue and other such diseases, is one of the countries where Oxitec is testing their mozzies—so far, everywhere that Oxitec’s mosquitoes have been released, the local populations have been suppressed by about 90%.

After Oxitec release these 'modified' mosquitoes in the Florida Keyes and we here in Florida have a Zika, or a new never heard of before epidemic, will they come clean and take responsibility for their scientific genocide against humanity and be held accountable?

...Or will the truth be covered up again as we saw with this article from discovery that demonizes and ridicules any who question the out of control mad scientists of today ?

No, GM Mosquitoes Didn't Start the Zika Virus (?)

There is a better chance of it snowing in hell than these criminal's in white coats being held responsible because it is all part of the Fourth Reich 's control freaks and their dark and sinister population reduction agenda.

I'm telling you these people are evil on a par with Hitler's tinkering and experimenting doctors and scientists !
If you see man as God then you will fall for his evil and your science god will always be faultless.
Look at how many 'smart' Germans fell for Adolph Hitler and didn't wake up until Germany and Europe were destroyed and millions were killed by the 'superior race' which turned out to be the inferior and malevolent Aryan race.


Flu Jab Blunder ?

They admit their incompetence or is this intentional ?

The Fourth Reich of Lies Hates Truth, it's Built on Censorship and Cover-up because it is inherently evil

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