Monday, December 14, 2015


Firefighters found Alecia Dotson, 45, dead of a gunshot wound in the bathroom of unit


They discovered Hurd’s daughter, 45-year-old Alecia Dotson, dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
She also had burns on her body...
Dotson is the former teacher’s aide, who made headlines over the summer, when she was arrested for trying to entice a student to have sex with her. The student was an 11-year-old boy.

'If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do.'
Psalm 11:3
Was it a movie that enticed her or a paperback, was it just another demon infested school, or did Satan plant the seeds of her destruction long, long ago ?

Lately in the news I've noticed more hopeless people who decide to commit suicide, either like this teacher or suicide by cop.
When the door to repentance is closed, Satan usually wins the battle for souls.

America has become a culture that breeds hopelessness

The Amoral System failed Alecia.
Only Jesus Christ can set you free and give you real hope!
... but you have to give up on self and your failed ways and turn to Him with all your heart, not just part of your heart.

This is such great tragedy that should never happen... if those caught in Satan's vise would seek the LORD and repent.

The corrupt and perverse reprobate American and world system has only drugs and lies to fight hell's destruction of souls like Alecia. This dark and evil system has birthed millions like Alecia, all headed for a hopeless end.

This war for souls has gone into overdrive in America now because judgment is here in full view for everyone to see.

All of this is the direct result, the final outcome of a society, a nation that has removed God and the Bible from the public square, public school's are now in the firm hands of Satan and his servants.

America has passed the point of no return when good, God and morality have been turned into evil and immoral perverts are given honor and employed to teach our children !
This has become an everyday, normal story in America where it's not even reported, the country has gotten used to teachers targeting little children to molest for their evil sexual cravings. That puts us way past Sodom and Gomorrah on the divine judgment scale.
It's because the people are in deep denial and darkness with regards to the true state of the nation.

The proverbial 'sweeping it under the rug' no longer works when the rug becomes a mountainous bulge.
In exposing the true nature, the true evil that is now nested deep into American culture it is my hope that this reality byte might awaken the slumbering saints to snap out of their delusion that all things continue as they have.
It's past time to realize that we are overdue the many severe judgments for this great bastion of wickedness that this nation has become while the hardened and cold people shop and party on as if things were normal or good in America.
From bad to worse as the people have their ears tickled by the many false prophets drugging the sheeple into a stupor as they are led to the house of slaughter.

Islam Gives Europe a Makeover - Welcome to 'New France'


Would they arrest him if he told the truth and said Mohammed was a false prophet ?


Anonymous said...

I doubt your sincerity, if you haven't all ready renounced your U.S. citizenship. It won't be easy to escape American Hell, from henceforth, so do so, while you still have the chance to do so without much harm. I advise avoiding checkpoints throughout America. Martial Law doesn't need to be videotaped.

Marcel Cousineau said...

doubt or judge ?
Have you also judged wicked America for it's descent into evil and perversity ?

It's hard to take anonymous poster seriously as I do question their fear of man versus they fear of God ?

I thought God was the judge of my heart intentions, but here you come along, a god with no name ?

It's OK for me to question those who hide behind anonymity and doubt my sincerity?

Once God opens the door, I'm gone, not till then, mrs,mr. anon.