Monday, December 7, 2015

Obama's Liberated Libya

Libya and Syria (mass Islamic immigration) are Obama's evil plan for changing America.

It comes by way of his well thought out Islamic Crusader Invasion of Europe and America.
He knows that the cowardly, spineless Republican's and brainwashed, politically correct sheeple headed for slaughter will not stop him.

The new and improved Libya, thanks to President Obama, Hillary and NATO

Sorry Qaddafi, you're not a radical enough Muslim, so I gotta get rid of you
...You see dude, we need more chaos and bloodshed in your country in order to start a mass migration of Muslims into Europe and America as we've been doing in Syria in order to spread jihad, destroy the West and bring about the Islamic World Caliphate for Mahdi.
You'll be dead in about two weeks Muammar.
I hope there's no hard feelings pal, its for a good cause, see you in hell.


So how are things in Libya after Obama/Hillary liberated this Middle Eastern nation from the dictatorial rule of president for life Qaddafi ?
Much, much worse, worse than you can imagine and this is why the media has buried Obama's
destruction of Libya. He's created another extremist terrorist Muslim State as he's been trying to do in Syria and Iraq with the help of his Turkish partners and ISIS.   
You don't have to wonder why the US media has kept us in the dark about the fruit of Obama's overthrow in Libya.
George Orwell had it right. The Big Brother Totalitarian State is here, NOW !

Muammar Gaddafi's Libya was a very stable place before Obama expanded the Global Islamic Caliphate there

Think about the crumbling U.S. in light of Obama's track record there, in Syria and Iraq and with his recent bad deal that greatly benefits the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran.

Look Around, There is a good reason I call him Obama the Destroyer.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely true! ISIS is made in America! It is an American export, the killing machine of the NWO, headquartered in D.C. The plan is to let ISIS attack and commit horrible atrocities and then to "protect" Americans martial law will be declared, for our own good of course. What a massive bunch of lies. What a CHARADE!

Marcel Cousineau said...

very few people like Trump are trying to stop the OBAMA PLAN. Just look at all the NWO republicans who along with the godless left are attacking him for his sane response to Islams global jihad now under way.

I think that wicked America's days are numbered.

A majority of the people have become suicidal, just like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were.