Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Israel's stability and prosperity in the middle of chaotic and filthy, backwater Islamic countries is too much to bear for the majority of Arab's who grudgingly see that Israel is blessed and they are cursed.

Jealousy plays a big part in this war, I've seen it with my own eyes.
It drives the Arabs insane with hate and violent rage, as they drag their inferiority complex with them wherever they go.
The many failures of THE RELIGION OF HATE (which has only given the world the suicide bomber) are evident in every dysfunctional country under the claw of Islam, all reduced to blaming others for their cursed, miserable misfortunes.
They have propagandized the world with their 'blame the Jews' lies from hell.
This reality in the heartland of Islam has troubled all thinking Muslims who wonder how infidels could do so much better than themselves and successfully dominate land once under allah's control.

Has allah fallen asleep or is he dead ?

Why can't the house of Islam defeat tiny Israel if allah is the true God ?
Why are the Jews so prosperous and advanced, so civilized compared to the mad dog Muslims who can't even live in peace among themselves ?

These are some of the questions all thinking Muslims are asking in secret, too afraid to speak up in fear for their lives at the hands of their fellow mad dog Muslims, their families and  their religious slave masters.

How could this reality of a BLESSED ISRAEL that contradicts everything in the Koran occur unless it, the prophet Mohammed and their allah is a fraud ?

How could tiny, outnumbered Israel defeat the combined armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan with such decisive victories and more land, unless the followers of allah are the infidels and Israel is protected by the One True God ?

This is what enrages the Islamic jihadists and makes him insane with uncontrollable hate and rage.
Rather than admit that he was deceived by the false prophet Mohammed, the average Muslim will attack innocent Jews because that is what they are taught from birth to do.
The War Against God
Islam is all about domination and submission of non believers, infidels, to the dark, sinister will of allah/Satan.

How is it possible that with the help of the world, the US, UN, EU, Islam is incapable of conquering Israel for their god allah ?

Israel's Palestinian no-peace partners
While the world and especially the West ignores the global jihad of Islam now underway their diabolic agenda against Israel continues.
The religion of hate and extreme violence is center stage on the globe today and still the stupid world and West want to play with thIS venemous serpent at Israel's expense.
Their plan to feed Israel to the Palestinian Islamic snakes has backfired.

God is settling the score as we see with Israel's old foe Syria , now a has been state, a pile of rubble with Muslims fleeing the sword of fellow Muslim.
God's judgment on His and Israel's enemies is now evident across the ISlamic world and the treacherous, backstabbing West.
It is the West who are now being fed to the deadly snake of Islam.

The big lie peace process

It's not about peace, it's all about erasing Israel and returning the land to Islamic control, Dar al Islami.
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
Zechariah 12:3
All those people and nations who have played a part in carving up Israel and dividing Jerusalem to Islam are in the process of being cut into pieces.

This is why the 2016 presidential elections are a dead end, America has crossed that line and many other lines of no return.

The Arabs/Islam already have way too much land and too many unstable, backward countries. Twenty two countries and Capitols and yet the US, UN, EU and the other nations want to divide Israel and Jerusalem, the only Capitol of the Jews.

How could the world be so evil ?

They have chosen the losing team and will suffer the consequences. Israel will remain long after Islam is a footnote in history just like all of Israel's enemies before.
Since the Jews returned as prophesied to their ancient homeland, the nations have worked overtime to steal their very small piece of land under the guise of a peace process.
Rewarding the bad behavior of the followers of the false prophet Mohammed in forcing Israel to retreat and surrender their land and appease evil, insatiable Islam is an insane recipe for global calamity.
We are now seeing God's judgments on these nations who assumed to carve up Israel to His enemies, the followers of the false prophet. As Europe, America and the West are over-run by the religion of the inventors of the suicide bomber, they are already tasting what Israel has had to deal with for many decades.

 Islam is cursed because of their hatred and violence against Israel and the Jews

Maybe France and the rest of the hypocrite nations can surrender their land to appease the Islamic crusaders whom they have stupidly invited in ?
Lets see how well that works for all the countries importing Islamic crusaders who will bring their curse with them.


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  1. Very GOOD Post! Very TRUTHFUL. The U.S. and the world have lost their collective minds, and are serving satan. The nations are destroyed! Islam is a form of Satanism and they, the nations, refuse to acknowledge that!
    The Figurehead leader of Isis / Daesh sits in the "white house". America should have repented in dust and ashes decades ago. Now the U.S. is destroyed.
    May the LORD GOD protect The Whole House of Israel, both the natural and the "grafted in" branches. It's time to get REAL with The LORD+.

    1. Amen, I sure hope the truth gets out and many eyes are opened to what is really going on in this dark, sinister world as the nations war against God and His Israel.... especially sleeping Christians.

    2. Sadly to write that this is what happens when the nations turn their backs on the One True God, The Creator of the universe. But this one seems different, like a mesmerizing of the majority of the West as to what these nasty creatures have in store for us in the West. They have already told us their intentions but we seem to evade that notion for another. The idea is that we can tame the muslims that are wicked and make them love us but like my first marriage, there's no way that we can make them like or even love us if their heart is not in the right place and with islam, the hearts will never be in the right place because of their ideology.

    3. One good thing; All of God's enemies are uniting together against Him, Israel and followers of Messiah Jesus. The end time harvest of the wicked approaches.
      They are hard to miss, easy to spot as God rounds up the goats for their reward.
      The godless, suicidal leftist perverts and Islam are at war against the Holy One of Israel.
      They are marked for destruction.