Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Food For Thought, Crime Does Pay

Somebody got a free dinner 

Judgment, what an unpopular message for the inhabitants of earth and especially Christian's and Jews who love their imaginary Santa Clause god who never judges.

Eventually SIN pays off in judgment as we are seeing more and more across the world.
For some, God's righteous judgments are swift.
Like many watchmen, I've been watching closely, and it's clear, judgment is moving faster.

This gator laying in wait for his big meal is a good example of what is lying in wait for those who operate in the darkness.
As a nation, we've been given over to evil

America has been long overdue for judgment

Here in America with the destroyer Obama at the helm leading America to her long overdue judgment, dark days are ahead.
The fear of the LORD will keep you from following and doing evil.
Pray and ask God for this wonderful gift that only He can give you.

We've entered the time of God's judgment.

This is how and why ISIS has arisen with such power and speed and will continue to grow as a major threat to the West ,now under God's wrath.

Sadly, in America, the evil ones threw God and His laws out long ago and it is forbidden to teach youth about God, His sure judgment of the wicked, morality, good versus evil, right and wrong in government schools.

This is why we are a land of corruption, criminal, perverts, sex addicts, drug addicts in grade schools, child molesters, drunks and incompetent, stupid, clueless, arrogant, greedy and insane leaders.
Now, because the Way, the Truth and the Light has been rejected and thrown out, and Islamic invasion of darkness fills the void and nothing, no one, not even Donald Trump can stop what God is sending our way.

“For this, put on sackcloth, Lament and wail; For the fierce anger of the Lord Has not turned back from us.”
Jeremiah 4:8

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I am in agreement with you!