Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Shortcuts Mr. Trump

And His breath, as an overflowing stream, shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err.
Isaiah 30:28

Donald Trump is God's bellwether for proud, unrepentant America

Bellwether - Leading sheep of a flock, one that takes the lead or initiative, leader, an indicator of trends.
No shortcuts Mr. Trump
It's impossible to do without God and national repentance

Anyone who has been paying attention can see that Satan has marshaled his large (and growing larger by the day) army of followers with their loud media and local cheering sections, cast of enemies within, political supporters, volunteers and dark backroom dealers.

It's just a few of us against the world and our reprobate leaders. Can you see the handwriting on the wall ?
Thinking for ones self, common sense is being outlawed, called hate speech, now illegal, good has become enemy of the state.

Do you think these disciples of hell, joining hands in attacking Trump and the discerning for common sense, truthful approach to the global Caliphate jihad now out in plain sight for all to see, would rush to support Christian's as they do with the cult of the false prophet ?

Not a chance.

We are being forced to bow to Satan, his agenda and his agent, Belial Hussein Obama.
Liars rule and freedom is only for them... for the moment.
So if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, expect what the early church went through ... for the moment.
This is another good opportunity God has given us to see where everyone stands, dividing the wheat from the chaff, the goats from the sheep.
It's interesting that God is using Mr. Trump, a good example of American pride that goes before destruction, as a bellwether against the Satanic forces of darkness now triggered for invasion against this nation that chose the path of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Blinded U.S. Leadership willingly helping
It's not hard to see that common sense and Mr.Trump will fail to halt what God is allowing to happen as judgment on this nation.

America has traded it's Divine protection for the abomination in the Oval Office.
The coming refugee invasion is a Trojan Horse and it is just the tip of this iceberg that will sink the USS Titanic. The collapsing fiat currency and economy along with the coming wars, famine's and plagues are not hard to see for those who know history and the Bible.
The wicked are headed for judgment and Islam is just that, as we see Muslims killing Muslims in with ferocious rage and greater bloodshed to their god of hell.
Islamic internecine wars going on now with Syria's judgment, 5 years of death and destruction,millions of Syrian's fleeing as God sends to them what they intended for Israel.
Destroyed ISLAMIC nation's and cities, spreading to Yemen, Libya, Europe.

A preview of what is coming to America

All the trillions of dollars America wasted on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have done nothing to create stable good governments but the exact opposite. Blind, stupid America has been trying to bless what God has cursed.
Because of their hatred, blood-lust, wars and evil against Israel, the Arab nations are cursed as can bee clearly seen with Syria and Libya. Genesis 12:3.

Egypt barely escaped Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood plans to turn it into hell.

America's many decades of futile intervention in the Middle East has been just another abject failure for the nation that assumed it had replaced God.
Now God has set His bulls eye sites on this land.

This is why the self righteous, proud,damned fools welcome this invasion of dark, evil Islam into the land with open arms and make war against those like Mr. Trump who see the danger and destruction coming to America.
The more he tries to stop it and awaken the godless , blind fools headed for certain destruction, the more Islam will be held up as good and honorable when its track record reveals the exact opposite.
You cannot open the eyes of those God has blinded to bring about their own destruction.
Nothing and no one is going to wake up this land facing God's wrath.
To think that you can stop what God is sending is a gross failure to understand the times.
Our time is better spent in repenting, fasting and praying and warning those who will hear the Ezekiel 33 message.
Time is running out, our government and the people have rejected God and chosen wickedness and darkness. Payday has arrived.

The Political Process and Useless Toil

Through the wrath of the Lord of Armies is the land darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire: no man shall spare his brother.
Isaiah 9:19

God told His prophet Jeremiah many times to stop praying for the land, that He would not hear their prayers.
If you need forgiveness, more faith and more discernment, ask Jesus for what you need and do not rely on your own strength.
Pray wisely,make your prayers count, make them specific and powerful backed by fasting and a clean and pure heart as you let the Lord guide you in these final days
If you are serving sin you will be taken down by this major storm descending on the land, for judgment begins at the House of God and His house is in need of much refining fire.

Give heed to my cry; for I am brought very low: deliver me from my persecutors; for they are stronger than I.
Psalm 142:6

The business of Islamic terrorism in America is growing by leaps and bounds...

thanks to our very own corrupt government.

US GOV. Importation of Islamic Terrorists at all Time High

'He said something along the lines of there's Muslims in our own backyard just ready to go haywire and attack and we didn't think nothing of it,' Stone said

So who is protecting IS Chief AL-Baghdadi  ?

They left out the part where IS leader AL-Baghdidi went to Turkey to receive medical treatment after he was injured in an air strike

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