Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Will Israel Wise Up and Finally Wipe Out Hamas in This Coming Third War ?

Since Israel's weak leadership was forced to remove every living and dead Jew from Gaza in 2005 for President Bush's vision nightmare of a Palestinian State there have been two major wars between Israel and Hamas Islamic terrorist controlled Gaza.
Gaza, where Hamas spend Western donated million$ on war
and not infrastructure

In the early stages of Israel's first war against President Bush's Hamastan, Gaza, to end the never ending rockets targeting Israeli civilians and cities, Bush's brother from another mother, President Obama sent in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to rescue Hamas from certain defeat and the poodle Netanyahu retreated before the IDF could end Hamas.

In the second war against Hamas, President Obama quickly sent in Secretary of State John Kerry to rescue Hamas from sure defeat.

The US agenda since President Reagan rescued Islamic terrorist, Palestinian leader Yasser Araft after he was surrounded by the IDF in Beirut, Lebanon (in Israel's First Lebanon War in 1982) has been to make sure that the Jews never defeat another Arab/Islamic Army ever again.

This is why in a matter of days, Washington dispatches fake peace diplomats to Israel and is always restraining Israel and never the Islamic terrorists.

We saw this with Israel's Second Lebanon War of 2006 where President Bush, just when Israel began to make headway, (in a matter of days) sent Secretary of State Condalezza Rice to rescue Hezbollah from certain defeat.
Meanwhile there is no end to US initiated wars in the Middle East.

Unlike restrained Israel's few days wars, US wars go on for years, decades, forever.

Will Israel's poodle on a short leash, Benji Netanyahu, roll over again ?

I wonder;

In this coming war with the evil Islamic terrorists of Gaza will Israel wake up this time AND FINISH THE JOB  ?

Escalation in Gaza: The writing is already on the wall

According to a security source, Hamas is doing everything in its power to launch terror attacks in the West Bank and is willing to apply any means to achieve its goal. At the same time, members of the organizations are stepping up the protests near the border fence in Gaza, and last Friday a protestor was killed from IDF fire.

The next crisis war with Israel will be led by Yahya Sanwar, the movement’s new leader, who is known for his hawkish approach, and it will be the first time his leadership will be put to the test.


When Palestinian militant  Islamic terrorist group Hamas announced its new charter to the world, it wasn't from Ramallah or Gaza City, but from the Sheraton hotel's gilded Salwa Ballroom in Doha.

"Qatar is quite important for Hamas," said H.A. Hellyer, a senior non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council. "Qatar provides strong financial aid to the Islamic terrorism occupied Palestinian territories and is a safe haven for a number of Hamas leaders."

Palestinians dressed up for peace of Islam against Israel

Each day, 120,000 cubic meter of untreated sewage are discharged into the sea from Gaza.


The message, first reported by Reuters, was distributed Monday on Telegram, an encrypted messaging app used by ISIS to disseminate videos and communicate with its followers. The voice in the audio clip seems to match that of Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer, ISIS’s official spokesman.


Former Muslim Al Fadi Explains Why He Left Islam and Followed Christ


doublenickel said...

Marcel, I had to share this with you. William Kilpatrick writes a stunning article nailing the Islamic crisis in the West squarely on the head:


Kilpatrick is a Catholic, but understands the issue very well. Blessings to you.

Marcel Cousineau said...


I thank you greatly for sharing this superb article with me.
It's one of the best ones I can remember ever reading on this subject of Islam and the West.
It's going up now, no time to waste, hopefully it will be shared by those who read it here with their friends and those on the front lines of this end of days civilization battle in Europe and across the "infidel" world.

Thanks again for passing this on to me.