Monday, June 26, 2017

Do you Have Any Doubts That Islam is Evil ?

The name under which these devout Muslims operate is Islamic State and not Jewish State or Christian State.

Their volunteers come from Muslim communities all across Europe, Australia, the USA, and ever Muslim Country on this earth to shed blood for their false god allah.

The fact that our "leaders" allow these evil trained Muslim terrorists to return to the West from Syria without rounding them all up and putting them in cages before they are judged guilty as members of an anti-human genocidal Muslim terrorist group and summarily executed should tell you that we have political leaders up to their eyeballs in evil.

Islam is a threat to the civilized world

They are Muslim's who are led to jihad by the teaching of their unHoly Book the Koran, and the teachings of their religious leaders.

Don't believe the evil demagogues like Obama who lie to us and say that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It has everything to do with Islam.

It is the true face of Islam since the 7th Century.

ISIS Executes American-Trained Militia Fighters in New Clip

Those of you who are under a delusion about real Islam.

My hope is that after you view this video that you wake up and become greatly offended with this evil, deceptive religion of Satan and hell.

Islam, their crescent moon, Koran and their sword, evil to the core

Something else this video reveals is how stupid Western Intelligence is and how ISIS has outsmarted the idiots.


A good example of how the stupid, godless, Christ rejecting West, their CIA, MI6, FBI, etc. their lame intel have become blind clueless, incompetent fools ....

Taliban suicide attack kills CIA agents at US outpost in Afghanistan

The CIA yesterday vowed to avenge the deaths of seven of its agents who were killed in a suicide bombing on Wednesday in Afghanistan, as it emerged that the bomber may have been invited on to the base as a potential informant according to two former US officials.


Hat tip - Samson7


Anonymous said...

Excellent warning Marcel.
Those who try to make islam into something good or respectable are truly deceived and dangerously so.

I have just been looking at a few videos of a young woman named Miriam Shaded who is Polish and is speaking out about what islam really is.
She gets into the disgusting practices of islam such as pedophilia / child "marriage" etc. It is completely repulsive.
They are imitating the sick fake prophet mohammad who did ALL of these things. This young woman is truly taking a stand and making herself a target of this devilish death cult.
She speaks in Polish, but some videos have English subtitles. Poland seems to be taking a stand against the "Refugee" agenda.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks brother,

I wonder if those who believe anything good about Islam are under God's strong delusion judgment because they love lies and not the truth ?

A person really has to love lies and fables to fall for anything good about this utter evil curse from hell.

I commend her for her bravery when so many are fearful and silent or swallow the lies from hell, and the godless reprobate western leaders, the socialist, left devils about Islam.

Could you send me/us a link ?

Anonymous said...

Marcel, YouTube has terminated her channel. I should have known!

I have the one below where she still can be seen. I think there are subtitles in English. She has created a corridor to help persecuted Christians to escape.

Her name can also be typed in and then click on videos to see more of her comments.

She speaks only Polish so subtitles are necessary. Hope this is helpful. Bless you.
Samson7able <(((><

Linda Sorci said...

Hi Marcel,

In addition to all the above, people who see Donald Trump as savior need only to read Nathan Leal's important work entitled 'The Trump Chronicles' and to watch all the videos he's made on the subject - including the latest ones on the 'shiny orb' he placed his hands on with Saudi and Egyptian leaders during his visit to Saudi Arabia. What a disturbing trip - Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican. People who think Trump is different than any other elitist politician really have got scales over their eyes.

For those unfamiliar with Nathan, his website is:

How much longer will our righteous God look upon the wickedness and evil in this world until He says ENOUGH!

God bless you, brother, and keep you in His hand. Keep on keepin' on as we approach that great and glorious day.


Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks brother,
Interesting how the world system (googleyoutube) under Satan's power always protect their evil cohorts.

I shall listen to her.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the link. I was sure I had a link to his web site here at RPD but that was at the other RPD.

I listened to his latest message on my smartphone Saturday and he just put it up at youtube.

Watchman What of the Night – A Sermon by Nathan Leal – UPDATED with Youtube Link

'How much longer will our righteous God look upon the wickedness and evil in this world until He says ENOUGH!'

I am afraid we are already beginning to see and shall see more than we are able to bear.

Only with Jesus' help will we stand in the midst of His righteous judgments.

I pray all is well, God bless and thank you Linda.

Linda Sorci said...

Thank you, Samson. I've just listened to one of Miriam's videos and will be returning to see how many more have English subtitles. She's a brave woman. Praise God! and we ask for more like her!