Saturday, June 24, 2017


“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.
Matthew 5:13

There is nothing for TRUE Christians to celebrate this Fourth of July, it's time to mourn !

The nation which forsook God has no future - Psalm 9:17

In Jeremiahs day the people of Israel would not/could not believe the prophet God sent with a very negative message of judgment.
Nor could they imagine that God would raise up a superpower empire and it's formidable army to raze His very own Israel to the ground. They got used to their wicked ways and didn't see themselves as God saw them.

The lying preachers and teachers of Jeremiah's day were professional, hired shepherds who made the people feel good when they should have made the people feel bad. 

The false prophets were very popular just like today and they all ignored, mocked, abused, arrested and vilified the only one who spoke the truth.

If you listened to the "Nuggets"  YouTube video I posted Friday, you heard how God's word always repeats.  America is the latest Babylon Empire. The same pride, the same global reach and the same toying with the Holy things of God, Israel.
When Belshazzar saw the handwriting on the wall it was already too late for the Empire which thought it had lots of time.

Christians who have fallen for the Trump delusion have the sin of pride which has led them astray, the same sin their idol president reeks of.

Once again we have a reprobate nation and God's people are so apostate and backslid, so full of imperial arrogance, they can not believe that God would judge America and turn it into rubble.
Once again the Jeremiah's of our day God has raise up to warn His people are ignored while the false prophets seduce the foolish virgins and tickle their ears with lies that God has given us more time with the false hope that has trumped God's people in utterly wicked and vile America Babylon.
NO, God has not given America more time, our time is up.

If you happen to survive the approaching Jeremiah 51 judgment, destruction on America please keep focused on the fact that it is  God who sent destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah America by way of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and some of our friends to the South.
The false prophets will deceive you into blaming the Russians and the other instruments of God's judgment.
Look in the mirror it's our fault. God will only gives America what it deserves after it has ignored His warnings for a very long time.

America Babylon Judged for Sins against Israel, 

assuming to carve up Israel and create an Islamic terrorist state in the heartland of the Jewish people.

The sentence decreed is the death of America!

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Noodles said...

Wow Marcel,

Powerful really does seem if we are in the day-to-day mode, as to the outbreak of massive, major developments...
Found another teaching video by Jacob...haven't listened to it yet, but will try to get around to it today.

Blessings !!