Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I used to hear Muslims quoting the infamous phrase ;

'Allah, most merciful, most compassionate'

I don''t hear it anymore.

They themselves no longer believe that lie as there is no compassion or mercy to be found anywhere in Islam, only death, genocidal bloodshed, nation destroying jihad, (as we see in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia etc.) hate, daily bombings across the globe, intolerance  and lies.

'Christians who believe that the god of the followers of the false prophet Mohammed, allah, and YHWH are the same have been deceived. They are opposites, one is darkness and evil, evident by the merciless fruit of Islam.'

Jakarta's Christian governor jailed for blasphemy against Islam

"If someone like Ahok, the governor of the capital, backed by the country's largest political party, ally of the president, can be jailed on groundless accusations, what will others do?,"


And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:


Russia's no-transvestites, no homosexuals, army on parade

America's godless, gay friendly, immoral and perverted army is no match for a (any) more moral army !

Russia rolled out air defense systems built to operate in sub-zero Arctic conditions on Tuesday as it showcased its military might at a parade on Moscow's Red Square.


The purpose for the Russian ships' presence was not immediately clear as we in the media are clueless and in a deep fog, too busy with our fake-news and no-news, bread and circus propaganda.



Berlin migrants Islamic Crusaders on trial for fire attack on homeless man

Six of the accused come from Syria, a seventh from Libya. They range between 16 and 21 in age.

Seven young migrants Islamic Crusaders have gone on trial in Germany, over a Christmas day attack on a homeless man which could have killed him.


Linda Sorci said...

Hi Marcel,

The 'Anonymous' video should be a wake-up call, but it most likely won't be. After I listened to this one, I went to another one which somewhat uncovers the breadcrumb trail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHMe0NfUXNg

We really must watch Turkey, and the upcoming Trump trip to Saudi Arabia, The Vatican and Israel. Also, Jared Kushner seems to have much more power than is warranted given his lack of experience. The admission by Netanyahu during a recent speech that the Netanyahu and the Kushner families are long-time friends should give us pause as well.

Events are occurring at such a rapid pace, it practically leaves me breathless!

God bless you, brother, and keep you in His hand as we stand and watch, obedient to His command.


Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Linda, I do believe that God has put the wicked in America into a permanent coma where it is impossible to wake up. They've already rejected the light so they will, shall walk in darkness until their end which is coming soon.

Did you see the no transvestites and no homosexuals army marching today ?


Marcel Cousineau said...

Just watched the video, another good one with the roots of war$ exposed. There is no more morality in perversity America where babies are murdered for the evil selfish peoples convenience as many grow rich on the death industry that would make even Hitler blush.

Anonymous - The TRUTH about WW3

Thanks and God bless you.

Linda Sorci said...

Listening to Nathan's latest interview with aminutetomidnite:


We can always count on Nathan to speak truth to lies.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Noodles sent it to me the other day.
Anything new from the message he posted on this at his web site ?

I just posted this;

Trump Admin Moving Closer to Confronting The Iranian Threat

This Iran axis with N. Korea, Russia & China has my full attention.

Interesting how no one is asking if these so called satellites are EMP's ?

People are asleep.