Thursday, May 18, 2017

How will Russia Respond to Trumps attack on Syrian Forces ?

The U.S. strike marks a new approach in what has become an intensely crowded and complicated war zone

We have an ongoing proxy war against Russia and Iran in Syria and it's going to come to a head sooner than later.

It won't take much to set off WW III now. Something like this US attack on Syrian forces today could easily set it off.

This is the second time the new Trump administration has targeted Syria forces in their own country Syria.

How will Dictator  Assad's close partner and ally Russia respond to this second attack in a country where the USA does not belong in fighting another insane war on the side of Islamic terrorists ?

Is the US trying to set a record for fighting the most wars in the most locations at the same time ?

Why is the US Military in Syria warring to overthrow another leader ?
Trying to start a war with Russia?

The US agenda of destabilizing the Middle East began with President Bush's invasion of Iraq and moved forward with President Obama's overthrow of Libya's dictator Muammar Gaddafi and his failed attempt to turn Egypt into a radical Islamic state.

It's much, much worse now in Iraq after US interference to remove dictator Saddam Hussein and...

Libya is an Islamic terrorist infested failed state thanks to the USA.

The US is raining, supporting, funding and on the side of Islamic terrorism.
It continues now with President Trump and his jihad to overthrow Syria's Assad on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

The US is training Islamic terrorists to overthrow Syria's leader and fighting on behalf of Saudi Arabia in Syria, not against ISIS but against the Syrian government.

At least we know what Islamic terrorist side the U.S. is fighting with and for.

U.S. airstrikes target Syrian regime vehicles near al-Tanf base

May 18 (UPI) -- The U.S. Air Force targeted a convoy of vehicles belonging to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after they came within 18 miles of a secure U.S. base at al-Tanf, a training center for Syrian rebels. (Islamic terrorists)

CBS News reported the convoy of 27 government vehicles approached al-Tanf in southwestern Syria, where U.S. special forces are training Syrian rebels in the fight against Assad.

Syria belong to Syria and Russia is their close and loyal ally. 
What if a foreign army was in the US training "rebels" to overthrow our president ? How would we react if our military was attacked by foreign invaders and their fighter jets ?



update : Friday May 19th

Russia, Syria fume over U.S. strike on Syrian troops

Russia also criticized the strike, with Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov Gatilov accusing the U.S. on Friday of violating Syria's sovereignty and alleging the airstrike hit civilians, according to Russian media.

Syria condemns US-led attack on pro-Assad forces

The Syrian army had been sending reinforcements in the last few weeks to the desert region near its border with Iraq and Jordan.

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