Sunday, May 21, 2017


Jerusalem, my favorite city in the whole world, happy 50th !!!

Jerusalem of Gold 

Jerusalem Jubilee Festivities Begin

Drones spell out Jerusalem over  Jerusalem

Western Wall will always be Israeli, PM says ahead of Trump visit


The Arabs, Muslims, Iran, know Islam is a lie after losing so many wars against tiny outnumbered Israel and the "infidel" Jews liberation of Jerusalem.
Where is their god allah to smite the infidel unbelievers, the kuffar, to give them victory and return all of Israel to dar al Islami (the house of Islam) they ask behind closed doors ?

The answer:
He is a fraud, made up by the false prophet Mohammed and this is why there will never be true, lasting peace between the death cult and Israel. 
One will have to disappear and only then will Arab and Jew live side by side in true and lasting peace. 

Donald Trump is not the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ is and only He can and will bring peace when He destroys His enemies, those who follow and serve lies.  

Islam and the nations of the world are extremely troubled that Jerusalem is in the hands of it's rightful owners.

What other Capitol on rebel planet earth do they want to divide but Jerusalem. 
For this evil, God shall repay ALL of the nations, especially the hypocrite, backstabbing, phony friends in Washington. 


Noodles said...

Hi Marcel,

There were fireworks tonight near the Old city walls, and I was concerned it would wake up Trump at the King David hotel.

Here are a few interesting teaching videos about J'lem....

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks Noodles. Listening to Mark Levin on the radio from Jerusalem, his first visit to Israel. He had Dore Gold on with the fireworks in the background.
He had Eli his tourguide from Karnei Shomron originally from Seattle on in the second hour, lots of exceptional, important information.

Pretty much, anyone has to be a suicidal fool to go along with a 2 "final" state solution.
If I was in Netanyahu's place I would have driven out the occupiers long ago and ejected out of Israel any leader or diplomat who came to Israel pushing a two state solution.
Thanks for the videos' Gd bless you.