Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trump Admin Moving Closer to Confronting The Iranian Threat

Iran to Launch Two New Satellites, Likely Cover for Illicit ICBM Program

The move is likely cover for the test firing of advanced intercontinental ballistic missile technology that could be used as part of Iran's nuclear program.

One State Department official, speaking only on background, told the Free Beacon that the Trump administration is moving closer to formulating a plan aimed at confronting Iran's increasingly provocative behavior.

Living and Dying with Lights Out in America  

What if Iran, in concert with North Korea which already has 2 "satellites" that pass directly over the US are planning an EMP Party for their greatest foe, the Great Satan America ?

I'm watching important things as closely as I can without getting distracted by the garbage media and their lame Washington antics  and this Iran story is very important.

That is why you will not hear about it from the godless, leftist perverts in the US propaganda Media.

I take you back to April of this year where I wrote ;

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

...and asked the big, bad question ;

How about President Trump enforcing a naval blockade of Iran in the not too distant future ?

...and then to;

Monday, April 24, 2017

I do believe that Jihad H Obama has driven the final nail in America's coffin and that President Trump is not capable of pulling that nail out. 

Too Late for America, Lights out soon, possibly sooner than many think !

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