Thursday, March 16, 2017

Palestinian Leader - Drive the Jews Out of Palestine Entirely

Everyone in the world knows the agenda of Islam, all good Muslims and the Palestinians when it comes to peace with Israel.
That is why after decades of dozens of wasted peace initiatives Oslo,Wye, Camp David, Taba, Sharm el Sheikh, Annapolis, etc. there is no peace but failure after failure.

"It's not about peace but destroying Israel under the guise of a peace process"

The present peace scam being pushed by the US, UN, EU and every nation is 100% pure farce meant to weaken and eventually exterminate Israel.
At least for once a Palestinian leader is speaking the truth about the real agenda of the "process" liars call peace.

Senior Hamas leader: Quran tells us to drive Jews out of Palestine’s entirety

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar 

He said Allah, in the Quran, states, “And drive them out from wherever they have driven you out” and that this means removing the Jews from the 1948 borders.

Zahar went on to advise, “Never use the term 1967 (borders).”


Earnestly remember your Creator before the silver cord [of life] is broken, or the golden bowl is crushed, or the pitcher at the fountain is shattered and the wheel at the cistern is crushed; then the dust [out of which God made man’s body] will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it. “Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher. “All [that is done without God’s guidance] is vanity (futility).” 

 Ecclesiasties 12:6-7


Ditch the vacation and earnestly remember your Creator 

Too young to go into eternity unprepared

Israeli woman perishes in post-army trip in Mumbai

The 23 year old was visiting India with her boyfriend when she took ill and began vomiting in their hotel room. She ended up choking to death, ostensibly on her own vomit.

I've been noticing lately, there seems to be a spate of young people dying too young while on vacation. 
A young Chinese student from Colorado State on spring break just off St. Pete Beach vanished and they have yet to find him.
I shared this tragic vacation death in Goa India of a young Irish woman the other day. I'm sharing it again.

Indian police launch murder investigation after 28-year-old Danielle McLaughlin

None of these young people imagined they were headed for eternity instead of just a good time vacation.  Young people today are not being taught the wise words of Ecclesiasties 12:6-7 and they need to hear. Please get the word out to them.
We all need to be reminded about the vanity and futility of life without God and foolish, careless, vain pursuits that lead to our untimely death at too young an age. 
That is the best life insurance that money can not buy. There is something wise about putting God first and everything else in it's proper and vain place.    

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