Friday, March 31, 2017

Muslims Destroy, Jews Build

Muslims have refined the ancient art of destroying themselves, their cities and countries.

Here is another good example of how Muslims treat their women and fellow worshipers of moon-god allah as they pray in their Mosques.

Pakistan blast: At least 22 dead in border city Parachinar

Reports say a car packed with explosives was left near the women's entrance of the mosque as people gathered for Friday prayers.


The fact that the lying, fake news media, corrupt governments, the US, EU and UN and so many others ignore the night and day differences between Muslims and Jews does not bode well for a wicked and perverted world under God's right judgments.

Muslims destroy


...and Jews build

The evil world hates that fact and this is why God will judge this evil world

Israel has indicated it will pursue a unilateral policy of largely unconstrained settlement housing expansion in Islam occupied Palestinian Israeli territories, as it announced the first new settlement city in two decades.

Palestinian Terrorism Organization committee member Hanan Ashrawi immediately condemned the decision; 
We kill & destroy and they build and this is not permissible in our evil world. 


1 of many reasons why God is judging evil, cursed lands of Islam

The greedy Arabs/Muslims already have 22 countries, and capitols and Mecca as their religious center and refuse to allow the Jews to have even a tiny sliver of land and Jerusalem as their capitol. 


Linda Sorci said...

And let's not forget about Europe, Marcel. They're taking over there too. Geoffrey Grider published this today:

They will not be happy until Satan's regime is in full control of the world. 'Peace and Security'. Right.

God bless you, brother, and keep you in His hand. Keep on keepin' on! Things seem to be moving quickly these days.


Linda Sorci said...

. . . and then there's this:

Insanity runs rampant!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Yes, Europe and the whole earth.

I'm glad God is in control and has the last word on everything.

Pity the fools who failed to put their trust in him and trust in liars and the kingdom of lies.

It's not hard to see that we, the US are in god's cross hairs for continuing to poke or nose in His affairs with Israel ON BEHALF OF THE ISLAMIC HORDES.
We shall pay dearly for that and more.

Playing God is Risky Business

Marcel Cousineau said...


Probably the best thing to happen to that student.

What the heck is he doing there ? and why is he/ parents wasting all that money in such a filthy, demon infested place ?

America acts the part of an evil and reprobate nation perfectly.

Thank God He will end the insanity/perversity, SOON.