Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mad McCain: World 'cries out' for more failed US and EU leadership

I wonder how much stocks and investment$ this war lunatic has in the Military Industrial Complex ?

Rabid Globalist Madman McCain Lauds Failed EU, NATO and US leadership 

After 16 wasted years of American failure in the Afghanistan quagmire where they are unable to defeat the Taliban, and 15 wasted years in the Iraq quagmire where ISIS was birthed the crazed Senator from Arizona is still at it.

The world need more of the same leadership that helped to destabilize and destroy once stable Iraq and Libya, trained and armed Islamic terrorists to overthrow an elected Syrian leader Assad and destabilize Syria ?

"And lets not forget how Senator's McCain and Graham went to Ukraine to antagonize Russia"
One thing these vile creatures will never do is send their children and grandchildren to fight their useless and insane wars.

When warmonger nuts are in power the future looks bleak

In a "new world order under enormous strain" and in "the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can't stand by and lament, we've got to be involved," like our involvement in Iraq and Libya that led to the enormous problems we now face, like our pathetic lack of any real action that has made the North Korea and Iran nuclear nightmare a reality today.


The brainwash Goebbels Western media will never report that Khalid the London terrorist was a Muslim because that may cause you to begin to wonder what is wrong with the only religion, Islam, that creates so much global terrorism.  

With what little propaganda and lies reporting the globalist media is still doing on the London Islamic terrorist attack it is no surprise that they keep feeding the same brainwash narrative that he was a common petty criminal.

Here is more on the Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood that the media refuses to identify as a Muslim terrorists that you may not have heard ?  

London attacker was in Saudi Arabia 3 times, but not on security officials' radar, says embassy

Mentally deranged and perverse Western leaders are extremely soft with Muslim terrorists they coddle. They ALWAYS  fail to connect the dots, and only get serious after they do their Islamic religious duties against infidels.


Extremist Leftist Democrats and their connection to Islamic terrorism

Convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, an organizer of a Day Without a Woman, has agreed to leave the country in exchange for no jail time for failing to disclose the conviction on her U.S. visa application.


The degenerating world

A look at degenerating Africa

 Revenge against Cong dictator Kabila  


Anonymous said...

Samson7able here:
Marcel, McCain is truly a warmonger and a liar. I saw videos of he and Lindsey Graham in Ukraine telling those people that the US would back them with what ever they needed to conquer Vladimir Putin! McCain is trying to make Putin the big-bad Russian that the US needs to go to war with, of course "to save the world" from what. McCain is the one who should removed from office for his crimes.

They had NO authority to make this trip and make these promises to the western installed puppet government placed there at the CIA cost of billions of dollars to overthrow the duly elected leader.

Criminals in high places are running America, and no one will stop them!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Brother,
I left out US meddling right in Russia's front door were McCain and the other mad dog Lindsey G. lit the fuse to what will be WW III with Russia, China and their other allies.

Where ever there is a small fire they are there to pour on the gas.

Ever since America forsook the Fountain of Life, its leaders have become impotent fools who fail at everything they do.
The destroyer Obama had unrestrained free reign to do more severe damage everywhere along with the uber-wicked Democrats.
Now in deep darkness America the children are having a hard time figuring out if they are male or female.

Not even the great PROUD one can get much done with the worthless, spineless Republicans who gave the criminal Obama as pass for 8 years.
I am in shock that more Christians can not see the handwriting on the wall where we are at as a divided and now cursed nation under God's growing judgments.

The only thing the US has left for it is it's blinding pride.