Saturday, March 18, 2017

In Islamic Terrorism Overrun France It's Just Another Man

update: 5:00 pm EST.

Frenchman who allegedly grabbed soldier's gun at Paris airport shouted 'I’m here to die for Allah:' officials

After many many hours, the words of the Islamic killer for the god of all Muslims, the truth drips out. 
Interesting how 99% of the media I've followed on this Islamic Terrorist are Safe in France story left out (covered up to protect the religion of terrorism) this important  statement ;

 "I am here to die for allah. "

The reason they left it out is that it might connect allah and Islam with terrorism. 

Islam is Terrorism!

When they tell us they will investigate "after" the fact, that should wake you up to their PATHETIC failure to take any substantial action BEFORE  the known 'extremists' attack and round them up to protect the innocent.

Why don't they round up the know ISIS fighters who have returned to prey on the French infidels keep them locked up, and why do they keep letting them out of prison to attack again and again ? 

The answer is because The Cowards in Authority are more concerned about the feelings of the Muslim hordes they have flooded into Europe, they are more concerned about the Muslim terrorists feelings than they are about the innocent citizen infidel sheep they are leading to slaughter.

The World Media have their orders and are all on the same page when it comes to the people motivated by the religion that fuels and breeds all terrorism.

He's just another 'man'. No name given.   

Why do the globalist media use the generic term "man" instead of Islamic terrorist to describe the CULT OF DEATH followers, killers for allah and Islam ?

They sure do go out of their way to keep the filthy, bloodthirsty and violent religion polished up and shiny.

Here are a few headlines today from assorted global 'brainwash media' all using the politically correct term that covers up the root of the problem, Islam's terrorism.

Man shot dead after seizing soldier's gun at Paris Orly airport

The man was known to police and intelligence services, Interior Minister Bruno le Roux told reporters. 

"In France we allow our Muslim terrorists to roam freely and only do something after they do their religious duties of attacking and killing infidels.
We French are very tolerant of evil, especially Islam and it's terrorism."
A police source described him as a radicalized Muslim but did not identify him by name.
The anti-terrorism prosecutor opened an investigation.



It is not permitted to call him a Muslim terrorist !

Orly airport: Man killed after seizing soldier's gun

The man was on a watch-list of radicalised individuals and had been involved in a shooting hours earlier in the north of Paris, incompetent officials say.

It is the job of all devout, evil globalist and lying media with their expertise in 'fake news' to protect the religion of terrorism, and to be tolerant of their evil acts and agenda in order to advance chaos and our totalitarian police state on our brainwashed and neutered sheep. 


Paris Orly Airport: Man Shot Dead After Seizing Soldier’s Weapon


Not even Fox News has the spine to identify the man correctly as a Muslim terrorist.

Paris airport attack becomes terrorism investigation after man killed trying to seize soldier's weapon


GOOGLE 'fake news enabler' IS EVIL 

Google lets antisemitic videos stay on YouTube

Google is failing to remove virulent antisemitic content from its YouTube video platform in an apparent breach of its own guidelines and the law.

Very tolerant of evil, Google, does go out of it's way to whitewash the evil religion of terrorism though. 


Anonymous said...

Samson7able here:
It is almost unbelievable how the world is protecting the filthy islamic butchers and their bloodthirsty god. The antisemitic videos going unchecked on google / youtube does not surprise me. Google is a tool of the US-shadow government and is busy doing its bidding.

I haven't commented as much as we are having a few computer issues, but I am reading and in agreement with what you write.

May The LORD bless you and keep you safe, Marcel.

Marcel Cousineau said...

'It is almost unbelievable how the world is protecting the filthy islamic butchers and their bloodthirsty god.'

It jsut shows all of us how EVIL and WRONG, WRONG, WRONG the whole world is and how ripe all of it is for God's right judgments.

Their love and embrace for evil will come back to them in spades and lead them into the wide open jaws of hell.
They won't have any excuses for their bad, godless, perverse judgment and for calling evil, good.

Good to hear from you brother. As you know google and its fake news owns this blog.