Monday, October 9, 2017

Russia & Iran The Nature of Negative Consequences

I am watching Iran and Russia more than I am North Korea for the kick off to WW III.
It will involve China,  North Korea, and others but Iran (with Russia) look to be the most ready enemies for me.

Israel plays a big part in this because of the Iran threat it faces, and of course God being in control of everything !

I sense that proud, self made business man, turned president, Trump, will fall into the trap all proud fools who forget God fall into and make an arrogant military move without consulting God and that will be the end.

Iranian military leader warns US against setting new sanctions

TEHRAN — The chief of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Sunday that the U.S. should move its military bases farther from Iran’s borders and beyond the range of Iranian missiles if it imposes new sanctions against Tehran, the official IRNA news agency reported.

We've been planning to take down 'great Satan' for many decades 


All military branches are well trained & ready
RUSSIA: 'Negative consequences' if Trump quits Iran deal

"Obviously if one country leaves the deal, especially such a key country as the US, then that will have negative consequences," Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said.

"We can only try to predict the nature of these consequences, which we are doing now," 


The US has a long track record of betraying it's allies as all US Presidents since President Nixon Kennedy, Bay of Pigs.
There is an evil double standard where extremist Islamic Saudi Arabia gets a pass for every thing and ISRAEL is always held to an impossible standard by Israel's idol & false god, America Babylon.

Israel should have gone cold turkey off the toxic and queer America nipple long ago, and put their trust in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob alone.  

Jerusalem will be around long after all the enemies and fake allies of Israel are gone !

Ze’ev Elkin, minister for Jerusalem affairs and environmental protection, said keeping the embassy in Tel Aviv would not advance peace and warned Israel could approve further construction in the Islamic occupied Palestinian Israeli territories.


In 2015, the United Arab Emirates, a key ally of the United States, designated Islamic Relief as a terrorist organization because of its links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.


God's burning fury & judgments on Sodom & Gomorrah America continue

Gene Easley · Roy High School on the 'very, very suspicious' California fires

From a layman's perspective all of these fires seem very suspicious because of the number of fires, the distance between the fires, I wonder if this was an organized event, possibly arson, possibly an act of terrorism.

My thoughts exactly!

For decades the perverse political idiots on the left, (Democrats who run the dark, godless state of California) and the do nothing Republicans have opened the immigration doors wide open for many sleeper cells to enter the USA and now we see their work and pay the price for our abandonment of God and great wickedness.


There was no immediate information on damage and injuries — nor an explanation for the sheer number of fires — but structures including homes were burning in both counties, according to authorities and witnesses.


"She had episodes of feeling down and had been prescribed anti-depressants 

These big money making $, dangerous & evil pharma drugs lead to suicide and do not help as we see once again here.

Jesus is the only real cure for depression which is a symptom of a life without recognizing and worshiping your Creator.
Living with your sins forgiven, and according to His laws ensures a happy life filled with purpouse and joy.
Putting Him (above a horse or any other idols) and faith in Him, who is able to fix  and repair what He created is much better than trusting greedy pigs and liars with their witchcraft drugs which do the opposite of what they are prescribed to do. 
If she had not taken these dangerous anti-depressants she might still be alive today.

The media reported that the mass murderer Stephen Paddock was on them also but you can be sure that these dangerous money making drugs will get special cover- up treatment form the corrupt, evil system that rules over this dark and sinister world.

Come back soon Lord Jesus and clean up this sewer planet !

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