Wednesday, October 11, 2017


For as long as the powerful sexual predator Harvey has been targeting young, defenseless women of limited power, (3 decades, 30 years the vile left let him get away with this ) there have been stories of child molesting and pedophile rings in tinsel town that are soon covered up and buried under the filthy Hollywood landscape. Will this other dark reality of Hollywood ever come to light and those guilty be brought to justice ?

 I don't think so, it's going to take a major killer earthquake to shake up that pit of hell.

How NBC ‘Killed’ Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein Exposé

the reasons why a respected television network would kill a sensational scoop about a famous, influential, politically wired, and undeniably newsworthy figure like Harvey Weinstein
... is because he is a DEMOCRAT pervert, abuser of women,  with lots of power, influence and money, and they always protect their perverts.


some foul language

He flirted and stared at me as if I was a piece of meat 

He acted as if he were considering me for a role. But I knew that was bullshit. I knew it, because I could see it in his eyes. He had a lecherous look. He was using his power to get sex. 

In Hollywood Perverts Rule !

With the US media it's not about reporting the truth or facts it's about an extremist hard left agenda that has as it's primary agenda lies and propaganda, destroying the moral foundations of America of which they have been very successful.

Unlike their attacks on the right you can be sure they will get their puke and vomit shovels out and bury their filth just as they have done with so many of their fellow scum in the past.

1. Perverts with money rule in Hollywood and keep the Democrats awash in their violence and perversity, dirty money.

2. Hollywood of violence and filth is filled with phony, shallow people with an invented fake image and a lot of money, stars that are destined to fall because they are held up by lies and dirty money.

3. The left are rabid hypocrites and with the media's help expose a double standard of American injustice where the rich and powerful escape any real justice.

4. Democrats who are predators of women and who are in places of power and wealth are just fine for decades and they are treated like royalty. Darkness and evil is where they live and lie down in.

5. The media had all the facts, and the story many years ago, and covered up for the pervert and now they act up their fake moral outrage.

The NYPD, FBI and American justice are totally corrupt.
Just as extremist left Hillary Clinton and Obama were given a pass for their many crimes, they swept Harvey's crimes under the rug.
They had hard wire evidence of Harvey Weinstein confessing to a crime and they buried it.

6. The lying left absolve their criminals who are large money donors to the cult of baby killing, Planned Parenthood,and hard left Democrats, they  cover up for their fellow perverts and criminals.
Bill the pervert & Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, B.H. Obama get a pass to this day as their Muller boy and his leftist gang work hard to create dirt on one of their boys, Trump who flew the rancid Democrat coop.

7 Harvey the pervert is in denial mode, hiring lawyers to trash and destroy his female accusers. The left will never admit how vile and repugnant they are as they are always pointing their finger at others who are not nearly as sick and evil as they are.

8 It's all about money and power.
If you have lots of money the media hypocrites give you a pass as they attack and seek to destroy innocent people who happen to not be in their special Club of Many Filthy Privileges.

9 Big money actors, men like George Clooney profess they never knew when everyone in Hollywood knew, and only now come out to express shock and revulsion
What actors and phony people.

10. It took repugnant Barack H.Obama and shallow Michelle five days to say anything revealing their arrogance and  what they really think about women.

11. The decades of Harvey's abusing of powerless women was no secret in Hollywood and yet the Democrats took the money from their favorite deep pocket$ pervert. This reveals the immorality and perversity of the Democrat party for all to see.

12. Hollywood is a dark and evil place where we've only hit the tip of the iceberg of its wickedness.

13. There are many women who stood up against Harvey's evil attemps to destroy their souls who were blackballed from Hollywood, this is how the vile left, anti- freedom bullies and degenerants on the left operate.

14. The Democrats are the party of immorality, corruption, racism, false accusers, rapists and criminals.

15.There are many Democrats like Harvey who openly seduced women without a care or conscience. Edward Kennedy was given a pass by the media and police for his perversity and crimes as was Bill "Bubba" Clinton.

Extremist left Democrat and pervert Anthony  Weiner, husband of reprobate Hillary Clinton's very close aid Huma Abedien kept his predatory hunt for women victims and  immorality going fast and furious even after being exposed many times.

16. There are many women who sold their souls and gave in to the sinful desires and lusts of Harvey in order to gain money and fame who are now feeling shame and hiding. Are they too far gone or do they still have a conscience and ability to repent of their sins and ask Jesus to forgive them and flee from the city of gross perversity and filth.

17. There was a time when those like Harvey would run and hide in shame but there is no longer any shame left with those who have spent a lifetime of evil and wickedness.
That tells us that  final judgments and utter destruction is upon Hollywood and every place where wickedness is elevated and worshiped. Washington D.C. Las Vegas, USA, etc.

18. Hollywood the Left and their Harvey's are destroying America and it's intentional, their Marxist birthed agenda is evil to the core, behind their colorful bath robes of lies.

19 Democrats and their partner$ hate God and hate the truth with a Satan inspired passion.

20. The Democrat party and their media whores of cover up and lies will rehab their Harvey and make a saint out of him.

Harvey W. - there but by the grace of God go I !

The Extremist Left, Democrat Party is the political party of envy, victim-hood, jealousy,racism,vengeance,intolerance and hate.


America, a perverted land from coast to coast !

Live updates: 170,000 acres on fire in Calif., Wine Country deaths at 21+

8 a.m. California wildfires have burned nearly 170,000 acres: There are now at least 22 wildfires across the state burning tens and thousands of acres, according to Cal Fire officials. At least 21 people have died in fires in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Yuba counties since the fires broke out Sunday.


The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.


God does not lie.

The state of California, the wicked nation and the peoples given over to evil are being turned into hell. 


Anonymous said...

Amen Marcel,
In one of the videos you could hear the wind whipping the fire. It would be like a gigantic blow torch!
The LORD+ has said that HE+ is going to have to deal severely with the human race. The human race will not listen to soft words.

When the idols come crashing down, it is hard for those who have been serving them. What a shock to realize that one's life has been spent for that which one cannot keep.

Three score and ten, or a little more, or a LOT less for some. Eternity is long. Choose wisely.
Today is the day of Salvation, now is the acceptable time.
The Peace of The LORD+ be with you Marcel. Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

I only get news from the internet and radio with no garbage TV and just listened to a mother and daughter who escaped with the clothes on their back. Everything lost, gone in minutes.
You could hear the deep sorrow and grief in their voices as the distraught mother tried to comfort the daughter with false hope abut their missing cat.
The daughter was not buying the lie.
The price of not having God always first in our lives, everything.

The church and their easy gospel bear much blame not warning the wicked of what always comes to a nation, innocent and guilty when evil is elevated and good is despised, attacked and scorned.
It's only begun.

"Three score and ten, or a little more, or a LOT less for some. Eternity is long. Choose wisely.
Today is the day of Salvation, now is the acceptable time."

Amen, and this is no game, serious, life and death, with eternity in hell or heaven at stake.

There are around 184 people still missing from this fire extremely fast moving, hand of God, fire.