Thursday, April 27, 2017

Israel and Iran Are Already at War

The only question is; When will it escalate to all out war ?
When will Israel totally defeat the Hezbollah/Iran threat from Syria and Lebanon.

It's going to be Israel's biggest war ever, ever, ever !

I believe it's coming soon because Iran's evil pride (and Syria's) can not allow these strikes by Israel to continue without a proud and doomed Islamic response!

Isaiah 17:1

Prophecy about Damascus

17 The [mournful, inspired] oracle ([a]a burden to be carried) concerning Damascus [capital of Aram (Syria), and Israel’s defense against Assyria].
“Listen carefully, Damascus will cease to be a city
And will become a fallen ruin.

Iranian Cargo Planes Land in Damascus Hours Before 'Israeli Strike' on Airport

These attacks will escalate until Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Hamas and Hezbollah  are no longer a threat to Israel  

Thanks Boeing, you'd sell your stuff to the devil if he showed up with cash.

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