Friday, July 14, 2017

Unholy Islam's Terrorism on Flash Point Temple Mount

The fact that any Muslims are motivated go up to their so called 'holy' site, (the Jewish peoples most Holy place, Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock) to murder innocent people on a Muslim Friday of prayer should lead everyone to question the true roots of this religion.

Sadly, I do not  think it will awaken those given over to evil, and they will continue to protect and defend evil Islam and blame Israel instead.

That is why there is a hell.

The dangers of the Temple Mount

In the 1970s, when an Australian citizen named Denis Michael Rohan set fire to the pulpit of the al-Aqsa Mosque, extremely violent and dangerous riots broke out in the territories, and were subdued only with great efforts. Shooting dead the terrorists who fled to the Temple Mount may spark similar riots.

Israel's appeasement of Islam always fails and leads to the opposite of the desired outcome.

The spark is more than 3 Israeli Arab terrorists from the hotbed Israeli, Arab/Muslim city of Umm al-Fahm laying dead on the Temple Mount, the fact that Israel shut down Friday prayers for the followers of the false prophet Mohammed could spark a fire in the Islamic world that will explode out  of everyone's control.  

Something, someone, is going to trigger this bomb waiting to explode between Israel and her crazed, violent neighbors. 

Haiel Sitawe, 30, and Kamil Shnaan, 22, named as officers slain at Temple Mount

Following the attack, Jerusalem Police chief Yoram Halevi canceled (Muslim) prayers for the day on the Temple Mount, ordering the complex cleared and the entrances to the holy site closed. Police also placed checkpoints at the entrances to the Old City.


War games planned for September by Russia and Belarus. Those exercises could involve up to 100,000 troops and include nuclear-weapons training.


The proliferation of missile systems and technology has resulted in over 20 nations having ballistic missiles that the report said "likely will be a threat in future conflicts involving U.S. forces."

The growing defense ties do not bode well for U.S. security. “Russian arms sales to China and military-technical cooperation could have significant consequences for the United States, challenging U.S. air superiority and posing problems for U.S., allied, and partner assets in the region,” the report concludes.



What's happening in your church ?

Local residents and environmental groups have condemned a plan to release radioactive tritium from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean


Anonymous said...

I had heard nothing about this Temple Mount attack.

Things like this will stop only when islam is finally destroyed and the lie that it is is ended forever.

It seems that the jihadis opened fire on Jews and then fled to the Mount to escape, thinking that Israeli security would not follow them there.

Hoping that Israel will tighten down on their security there on the Mount. I wonder where this will go.

Thank you for posting this.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi brother,
If something happens to the Dome on the Temple Mount it could easily set off a major war between Islam and Israel.

It's headed that way and God will bring Islam and it's armies down against Israel for it's final judgment. I believe we are getting close.

Only when the Holy Spirit is poured over the dry bones of Ezekiel 37
Joel 2:28

will Israel trust in the Lord alone and do what they should have done in the beginning, crush their enemies instead of appeasing them.
Thanks for your comment Samson.

Jules Jones said...

hi Marcel...I pastor a tiny church in Hemet CA...wrote many songs...please listen to 2 of them on youtube..."Some People" & "I'll Tell You Why He Didn't Come" Rev. Jules Barry Jones....Thanks, a loyal follower.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Jules,
Thanks for your music.
When the Lord was giving Music gifts and abilities, I was not in the line. We are for sure that generation that the prophets, from Enoch to Daniel, wrote about.
Our job is to stay awake and try and wake others up with the time we have left. Jesus is our only hope. May He bless you richly in all you do out there in Hemet.
Thanks for your comment brother.

This was the first 1 I listened to. Keep up the great work.

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Some People
I'll Tell You Why He Didn't Come