Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Watching ominous and prophetic developments over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
More and more Muslim countries are threatening Israel because they had to increase security measures on the Temple Mount after three Muslim terrorists perpetrated an attack there last week.

Instead of placing the blame where it belongs, Muslims, as always blame everyone else for their evil actions!

Egypt as all Muslim countries are solidly behind this major jihad against Israel and the Jews for control of Jerusalem and ultimate defeat of non-Muslim, infidels of Israel.
The Islamic world needs an issue to vent their destructive hate and violence, and they've found one in Israel placing lives and security first.

Jerusalem mosques to close Friday, prayer only on Temple Mount

It is impossible that the Islamic Republic of Iran stays out of this nothing crisis, manufactured by followers of the false prophet Mohammed. This little event could easily turn into something major, especially with crazed, hate filled Muslims foaming at the mouth against the Jews.

Satanic Republic of Iran, Marching to Jerusalem soon

The Satanic, Nazi spirit of hell is alive and burning, inflaming the Islamic world over the issue metal detectors  in place to keep Islam's terrorism off the Temple Mount.

Hottest piece of real estate on the earth


Back when I was at Lackland AFB going through basis training I used to see Iranian pilots on the base. My, how things have changed.
Iran has been growing and expanding their Persian Islamic empire and military to the point that Israel will need to strike fast and hard or risk being decimated. I don't think that day is too far off since Iran now fill the void of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Thank you President Bush for making all of this possible by your incredibly stupid and miserably failed invasion of Iraq.

Iran now has Israel surrounded

To the south, Iran's Hamas with growing friendlier ties to Egypt, ISIS active in Sinai, Hezbollah in Lebanon and in Syria. Now that the IRGC has moved next to Israel in Syria with plans to stay, war is closer than most people realize. Israel can't let that happen and so a big, big war is not too far off.

Could something so simple as Israel placing metal detectors for security on the Temple Mount draw Iran and other Muslim counties to Jerusalem to conquer and retake it for the House of Islam ?
The fact that Israel (Infidels) Jews control the pagan Dome of the Rock and al Aksa Mosque is too much for Islam to bear.

'Pride and Satan are driving Islam and it's doomed followers into this decisive war against Israel'

They will find a reason to try and recapture the Temple Mount and Jerusalem and what the followers of the false prophet Mohammed call al Quds.
That reason could be something as minor as metal detectors needed to keep weapons out of a supposed Islamic holy site.
Islam by it's nature must dominate this earth, everything and Jerusalem, al Aksa under the limited control of Israel and the Jews is just too much for Iran and the Arabs to bear.
In truth there is nothing holy about Islam, it's all about threats, violence,bloodshed, jihad, terrorism and conquering the infidel world for their bloodthirsty evil god, Satan.

Iran’s terrorism goliath

Iran and North Korea are strategic partners, pledged by treaty to share science and technology. North Korean scientists are in Iran helping their space program, which is controlled by the IRGC.

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Iran's growing threat to Israel and the world would not have been possible without the help of US President Jihad Hussein Obama.

The brain dead infidels of America
           elected me twice.


Finally, the followers of the false prophet are doing something creative instead of always destroying and killing everything around them, not !

Muslims get into the Automotive Manufacturing Business 


“I’m deeply heartbroken and disturbed by the death of Justine Damond, in the hands of Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor,” said Omar. “The idealist in me continues to be surprised, but I know this incident is another result of excessive force and violence-based training for supposed peace officers.”



In a move that has become unfortunately typical of Facebook, the social media giant has shut the page of the Counter Jihad Coalition, a group that educates the public on political Islam and exposes the human rights abuses inherent in sharia law.

When the notification come that the group had violated the company’s “Community Standards,” they were told that the page would be taken down for just 24 hours. One week later, the page remains closed.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed how the muslims do no wrong?

Only Israel does wrong by standing up to the murdering devils and simply enforcing stronger security.

If you have nothing to hide just walk through the metal detectors. The Jews and Christians visiting the mount must also walk through, and there is no problem.

Why can't the slaves of the demon god allah and the demon possessed false prophet mohammad walk through the detectors?

Simply because it is Jews giving the orders!

They are trying to provoke Israel so they can enrage the islaamic world and mass against Israel.

As for Iran, the idiotic U.S. has funded and backed that hellacious regime. They are in collusion with those that have sworn to destroy Israel and murder every Jew!

There is retribution coming from The LORD+ for this action.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Well said great comment, thanks brother.
Satan, Islam's god must have complete submission and as you said, the followers of the false prophet are so full of Satan's pride that they will not rest until they make Israel and the Jews submit to surrender.

Israel has surrendered too many times to the threats of this evil religion.
I've said it before it was a major sin for Israel to allow the shrine dome of the crock of the death cult to remain on the Temple Mount.

A bulldozer would have removed this evil abomination from this holy place and filthy Islam, defeated in 67' by Israel would have been humbled down to the sewer where it belongs.

Thanks again brother, it's good to know that others see that vile Islam will never admit how abominable they truly are.

Sadly the perverts on the left always give evil Islam a pass and always make excuses for its evil nature.