Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Arab Terrorism Supporting Mafia League Gang up on Israel

Political sources close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Jordan's announcement yesterday, saying that "instead of condemning the attack, Jordan has chosen to attack Israel.

The reason there is no peace anywhere in the Middle East or with Israel is because the Arabs, followers of the false prophet Mohammed, only know war, despotic rule, killing and destruction.

Take a look at Iraq Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, under Islamic rule today and this is why Israel will never find any true and lasting peace with the followers of the false prophet Mohammed.
Only when Islam is no more will Arab and Jew live together in true and lasting peace and only Jesus can and will defeat the biggest lie of hell, Islam.

The Bully Arab Terrorism Supporting Mafia League Gang up on Israel

Arab League gangsters accuses Israel of 'continuing to harm Al-Aqsa'

The Arab world on Friday condemned Israel (but not their jihad crusaders & terrorists) for closing the Temple Mount and the Al-Aqsa mosque for worship following the shooting attack on Friday morning in which two policemen were killed. Jordan made do with a very weak condemnation of the attack and also harshly criticized Israel, while Egypt and Turkey issued balanced statements and called on all parties to maintain restraint.

The Arab League said in a statement yesterday that "the Al-Aqsa Mosque should be opened immediately to worshipers (Islam's terrorism against Infidel's) and that any attempt to change the natural and historical status quo in the mosque should be stopped." The League warned of "the dangerous consequences of Israel's escalating move to close the Al-Aqsa mosque and prevent Friday prayers." It also strongly condemned Israel for "continuing its assaults and attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque" and condemned Israel for "inflaming the religious conflict and exacerbating the phenomenon of terrorism and violence in the region in order to thwart any effort and chance for peace."

'The bully Arab gangsters never take responsibility for their evil and violent Islamic ways, and always blame Israel and the Jews.' 

Islam is all violent, all evil, all the time !


I'm waiting for the Arab League Of Islamic Terrorism supporters to blame the infidel tourists for getting murdered by their fellow Muslim terrorists.

Deadly Muslim attack on Infidel tourists at Egyptian Red Sea resort


Eternal Jerusalem, City where Jesus shall rule & reign

 Jerusalem, City of God


Anonymous said...

If the Arab league - islamic thugs don't want Israel to defend Israelis by shooting back, then call off their jihadi dogs from their accursed podiums in their accursed mosques. Then Israel will not have to shoot.

If enemy combatants run to the mosque to hide from their cowardly deeds, then the mosque is gone. Let them cease encouraging this kind of murderous action from the Unholy quran and Israel will not have to stop them from murdering innocent people. But the quran is what demands this kind of actions from its adherents.

Another thing; Israel and Jerusalem belong to the Jews. Islam is a thief and an interloper. The land belonged to the Jews MANY centuries before the murdering- raping false prophet mohammad even existed.
Bless you Marcel, Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

enemy combatants - Israeli Arab citizens under the influence of Islam = Islamic terrorists.

Amen, Israel has put up with more than any nation would have.

The US, UN, EU all the nations, They all give the Arab/Muslims a pass for their evil and always require Israel to do suicidal good will gestures, surrender and appease the killers of the Koran for their strange fire peace.

How shall God repay the nations for their unjust evil against Israel