Monday, July 24, 2017

Israel Plays the Slave & Islam Plays the Master

Israel is always required to roll over and surrender, never the Islamic hordes, never the Arabs.
That is how this game is played.

There's a reason for that !

At one time Israel had a grudging respect and deterrence from her ruthless and bloodthirsty neighbors, only after their crushing defeat.
That all changed when the phony peace process was introduced.
The peace process has always been about weakening and turning Israel into an obedient slave (headed for extinction) who obey their Islamic masters on command, or else they are threatened with violence and war.

The Arabs know how to get Israel on it's knees and in surrender mode.  
Threats and violence. 
It works every time as we see a weak and faith challenged Netanyahu looking for his knee pads.

This strategy has worked well for Israel's enemies and false allies for a long time.
Israel surrendered the Sinai to Egypt for a cold, dead, phony peace and all they got in return was ISIS on the Sinai border.

Israel retreated from Gaza for President Bush' s vision of  a Palestinian state and all they received in return for this show of weakness were wars and rockets raining down on their cities.

Palestinians handing out candy after Palestinian
terrorist murders Jews

Israel is the only party in this US led farce peace process required to appease, surrender, retreat and always deliver 'goodwill gestures' to the violence embracing murderous Palestinians.

The Palestinians who openly state that it is not about peace but defeating and destroying Israel.

And yet the US, EU, and UN continue to reward the followers of the false prophet Mohammed for their bloody efforts at removing Israel from her land, going so far as to blame Israel's building of homes for the lack of peace and not the terrorism of Islam.

Great evil and darkness wrap themselves in the peace process the nations have been pushing down Israels throat.

That is because Israel has been groomed to become the slave of her intractable and barbaric neighbors until the perfect opportunity arises to for them to gang up once again in order to exterminate the Jews enmasse.

Jordanian officials demand Israeli guard be questioned

"Diplomatic steps will be taken if Israel continues with its position that the guard not be questioned under the Vienna Convention."

Israeli official, "We have no doubt that the young Jordanian was a terrorist who came to murder an Israeli. They (the Jordanians) also know full well that he is a terrorist, but they're taking advantage of the Temple Mount crisis."

Like Islam's peace, their "diplomacy" is  bloody.


Just a few years ago Israel's no longer friendly neighbor Turkey sent a flotilla of anti-Israel terrorists to break Israel's blockade of Hamas terrorist enclave of Gaza. 
After Israel stopped the Marmara and nine Muslim terrorist were killed, the US once again pressured Israel to be the good slave and pay off the offended Muslims with a $ 21 million dollar bribe, the Jizya  which infidels pay to their Muslim masters for the right to live.

Israel has been playing this losing game of ; 

Master & Slave

 for a very long time, and it never ends well. 

War is the only sure outcome of Israel's show of weakness to her treacherous and barbaric neighbors. appeasement and retreat always invite the barbarians to reciprocate with what they know best, war, destruction, suffering and death.

As this latest escalation of violence from Israel's peace of death partners over security on the Temple Mount grows, US President Trump has sent his "peace" envoy Jason Greenblatt to secure more appeasement, retreat and surrender from Israel's Netanyahu.
Nothing is ever required of the Palestinians from the US, just empty, nothing words.  

This US agenda will end soon because God is more tired of the slave and master routine than I am.  

Israel's appeasement of Islam/Palestinians/Arabs has failed just like UK P.M. Neville Chamberlains appeasement of the other anti-Semite, Germany's Adolph Hitler failed and led to WW II.

A big war is coming because America weakened Israel under their false peace process. 
....And Israel's evil neighbors will never be satisfied until Israel is no more.


Everything is sacred, everything is a threat

Op-ed: Whoever put Waqf in charge of Temple Mount instead of Antiquities Authority created a religious monster. Removing metal detectors from site is a security mistake and governmental weakness. Nowhere in the world would metal detectors be given up for hurting people’s feelings.


Anonymous said...

I hope sincerely that Israel will keep those metal detectors in place and tell the bawling muslims to go through them or if they don't like it to "Lump it".

At some point Israel must stand against these devils, and I am including the U.S. in that statement. The U.S. Babylon has pushed Israel into an almost indefensible position. The U.S is an enemy of Israel along with all the Arab nations that worship the Demon allah and its filthy false prophet mohammad.

According to The LORD'S+ Timing, I pray Israel will stand firm against these satanic bullies. May The LORD GOD strike down the nations and Mystery Babylon.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Samson7able,
Netanyahu has always backed down when the US pressured him. At heart he is a well trained poodle who always rolls over on command.

Eventually Israel will not be able to roll over any more.
I do believe we are getting to that point.
It will be extremely costly in blood because of Israels previous decades appeasement to please the god of no peace, America Babylon.

I believe we are approaching the hour where God severely judges America for it's interference in His Israel.

Thanks for the comment and I could use your prayers for healing, thanks brother.