Saturday, June 3, 2017

Not So Great Britain Reaping A Final Harvest

Sunday Morning observation;

If Islam and Muslims were any good there would be at least 1 million of them protesting against the violence done in the name of that religion in the U.K. today and there would be millions more across the Muslim world and in Western countries protesting vigorously against Muslim terrorism done in the name of their god and forcefully demanding an end of all Muslim terrorism under the pain of immediate death to those who commit such crimes against humanity in the name of Islam. 
Instead we see a soft approach from the godless left politicians and fake empathy from the followers of the false  Prophet Mohammed.  
There is only dead silence and nothing real from the Muslim community who understand that this is their unholy war against all infidel unbelievers. 
We have phony protestations as we saw from the Muslim mayor of London today. 

Mayor Saddiq, they weren't cowards they were Muslims

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim imams, Muslim teachers,  Muslim religious leaders and Arab, Muslim dictators would lead the charge against this evil and purge every last one of these jihadist from their midst and off the face of this earth.
We see none of this which reveals what Islam is, no good, pure evil.

I read an article at the faaar left UK Guardian news web site this morning and not once did they mention Muslim terrorists.
The deviants in the media would not be so kind and forgiving if it were Christian terrorists. They would not let us forget it and would demand "harsh" action against the breeding ground of terrorism. Sadly in doomed Britain, the suicidal maniacs go out of their way not to offend the offensive religion and to show how weak, docile and willing they are to be led to the slaughter house of Islam.

U.K.,  Europe, and the West;

 Your kindness to cruel Islam is wickedness and it is an abominable evil. 

The government media liars are all following the orders of the globalist propaganda ministry which continues to keep the driving force behind the terrorism, Islam, at a safe and protected distance where it is never held to account for it's inherent violence.

The infidels brains have become mush.
The time is ripe for Islam to conquer them.

The Muslim mayor of London called them "cowardly terrorists". No my dear follower of the false prophet, they were Muslim terrorists obeying the Koran to kill infidels.

Something everyone seems to be in denial about, especially the brainwashed by the government, citizen sheep headed for slaughter.


Godless socialism has succeeded in making Europeans so stupid that they can't figure out that the Muslim Crusaders are in the process of conquering the last remaining infidel lands for their god who demands much innocent blood.

 A witness of the London Bridge incident said the attackers were yelling, “This is for Allah.”

Even when the Muslim terrorists for allah scream out who and what is motivating them to kill innocents the brainwashed sheep still don't get it.

'Fatalities' after central London vehicle and stabbing incidents

Europe, especially not so great Britain, are reaping the final harvest of the stupid and insane immigration policies, and treatment of Israel by the politician the ignorant people elected to lead them to hell.
You are reaping what you have sown.

Your grievous sin - Kindness to the cruel (Palestinians) abuse to the real victims, Israel. 

By giving a wink to evil Islam and a constant whipping against Israel you have brought a curse upon your land.

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. 
Psalms 9:17

Islam and the west have always been incompatible. While the Muslim invaders were in smaller numbers the charade of co-existence went on, but no more.

One ideology will dominate the other and because Islam uses brutality, evil and terrorism against the innocent, the weak, brainwashed into passivity British will be cowed in fear at the mercy of the idiots they elected who created this "problem."

The idiots leaders will never admit they are at fault, that they created this hell in Britannia because they might just be brought to justice and the end of a rope, so they will continue to lie and deceive their citizens, always protecting and defending the religion of terrorism, Islam.
To  finally speak the truth now is too terrorizing to the brainwashed, passive "infidel" sheep headed for slaughter, so the slaughter will only grow as the nuts run around mopping up the blood.

British Muslim telling ignorant Brits where they are headed

What we are seeing is the decay and fall of the West. Many blind people fall for the evolution lie, that man is evolving into a more advance species. Everyday facts prove the opposite is true.
Soon the rock will surpass humanity in wisdom and commonsense.

Man is becoming more stupid by the year, by the day.

100 years or even 1,000 years ago the British would not have been so insane and stupid to allow a flood of murderous invading barbarian followers of the false prophet Mohammed to populate the country because they knew from history and reality that Islam was incompatible with western values.

Sixteenth century British King James is rolling around in his grave with the descent into suicidal madness and unbelievable stupidity of his descendants.

Now the UK which always pointed their finger at Israel, always restraining Israel from taking decisive action against the death cult and never pointed their hypocrite finger at Islam get a daily taste of what they have brought upon themselves.

Latest updates: London Bridge incident


Think about this with me and tell me if I am wrong here ? 

If these acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity were coming from Christians or Jews, the authorities would be demanding a total reformation and immediate change in these "terrorism" religions. Churches and Synagogues would be monitored day and night, as the full wrath of the governments would clamp down to end the never ending violence from the terrorism religion. 

Instead Islam is defended, protected, covered up for, and never held accountable, or connected with the terrorism by these vile, evil, lying politicians, elites, corrupt media and corrupt governments like we would never, never be .

Because it is bloody Islam they get a pass and special treatment and those of us who speak the plain truth are targeted instead of the responsible and guilty party, Islam.

Everyone is embracing the lie
 Islam is not a religion of any peace,they can not even live among themselves in peace. 
Wake up !

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