Thursday, June 1, 2017

In the Past, Ramadan Was Treated as a Month for Peace and Tranquility

Peace and tranquility are things anathema to Islam, death and destruction are what they always deliver, even during their pagan ritual of Ramadan.

ISIS claims responsibility for Manila resort attack

ISIS said "lonewolf soldiers" from it's group carried out the attack


Though Ramadan is a month when the vast majority of Muslims are fasting and praying, ISIS asks its followers to commit heinous acts of terror.


A former Air Force mechanic convicted of trying to join the Islamic State was sentenced to a maximum 35-year prison term in Brooklyn federal court Wednesday after a long diatribe blaming his conviction on being black and Muslim drew the patriotic wrath of the judge.

Forget what you see and hear everyday, trust me, Islam is a religion of peace


The green swamp gas of Washington got to Trump

Trump’s embassy waiver is another key policy disagreement with Israel

The president has already publicly urged a most unhappy Netanyahu to rein in settlements, and openly differed with him over Palestinian Terrorism Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s readiness for peace.


Trump caves in to Arab/Islamic pressure, betrays Israel.
If he can't even stand with Israel on Jerusalem as it's capitol then everything else is smoke and mirrors, delusion, lies, lies, lies.


Land of Senseless Bloodshed

Teenage girl, Eliza Wasni, 16  from Chicago who has been charged with killing an Uber driver randomly attacked the man with a knife and a machete that she had just stolen from Walmart.

most evil and reprobate generation

It's hard to miss how President Trump is so laser focused on jobs, jobs, jobs and the economy and like the evil Obama completely ignores America's immoral turn to darkness, how our children
are fed a diet of violence, evil and perversity daily from the  time they awaken in the morning until they go to sleep.

This leaves no doubt that evil is allowed to flourish here in too far gone, reprobate America where repentance is no where in sight.
The deceived sheep, now on the edge of the cliff, root for their jobs president oblivious to the darkness and deception which has overtaken them.


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