Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The west is dead asleep which makes our job that much easier

I AM A MUSLIM and as with all Muslims our first duty to allah is to bring the whole world under submission to him and his  Sharia law.
The god that we follow tells us it is permissible and encourages us to lie to you infidels (taqiyya) so please do not expect us to tell you the truth except this one time, dear gullible and naive non-Muslims.
We are now sending out our jihad propaganda teams to keep you from waking up as our soldiers of allah terrorize and slay you unbelievers in the streets.

Our job is to lie about the true nature of Islam. We are trained to keep you blind, neutered, impotent and unprepared for our true agenda.

The time is ripe for Islam to dominate the entire world

The great tolerance of you immoral Westerners for evil and violence has made our bloody jihad easy.
With the help of your our western media and governments corrupted by political correctness you infidels are neutered and brainwashed, unable to even identify us, your mortal enemy by name, Islamic terrorism and Muslim terrorists, who obey our holy book the Koran to kill infidels and bring terror to the unbelievers in the name of allah.

We know the time is ripe to send our crusaders to conquer your infidel lands because you in the West have been blinded by allah to the true danger and threat you face from we who will never accept co-existence.
You elect fools to lead you who open the doors wide for us as we openly call for your destruction.
The socialist, godless left are our greatest support and helpers as they do our work for us in stopping the US President from defending his citizens from our invasion jihad.

We followers of Mohammed will dominate this earth as we have done from the beginning thanks to the help of your  our media and government leaders.

We have patiently waited centuries for this time and it has come.

You naive infidels have made it so easy for us to do jihad as the world witnessed in London, Manchester and Melbourne. You stupid P.C. infidels even provide social assistance, food and lodging for our Crusaders of Islam to destroy you.

You infidels in the decaying and dying West embrace us and open the doors wide to we, your destroyers as we advance in our global conquest agenda, something your our Western media and Western governments will always hide from you sheep headed for allah's butchers where you will find our peace in rivers of blood.


My son Khuram Butt
has made me the happiest jihad mother in the Ummah.
He has brought allah's terrorism to the infidels of London


Anonymous said...

Amen Marcel,
This all looks like a setup to me. These religious criminals could not pull this off if they did not have government assistance. The western governments are ALLOWING this to take place.

I just read an article that stated that the police moral in London is VERY LOW at this point. No kidding! Put them out there like sitting ducks and NOT allow or equip them to protect the people or themselves from these murderers. Then after an attack happens put out a feeble bunch of lies and political correctness as a "Remedy". It is disgusting.

The dirty little demon "god" that muslims serve is going to have to be killed, destroyed by the Hand of The TRUE and Living GOD, YHWH ELOHIM of Armies, The HOLY ONE of Israel. Cursed be the lie of islam. May it soon be done by HIS+ Hand.

I do add that I pray that millions will FLEE from the islamic death and darkness unto the Light of Life of JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA MASHIACH+ before ity is too late.

Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

What is incredible are the sicko perverts on the left who blame everyone else but the Muslim terrorist for their Muslim terrorism.
Trump is being blamed for the break with Qatar by the perverted media and the twitter kerfuffel with the London mayor, Sadiq 'allah akbar' Khan.
The majority are under a strong delusion for sure and it's all heading to hell in a hand basket now.
The French spin blamed their Muslim terrorist attack of Syria today not Islam.
This is why I see the importance of all Christian 's and ministries to keep Israel in their messages, thoughts and prayers because Israel is the main target of this Satan led religion and it's partners of the godless left.

I am hoping that many Muslims will be convicted by the Holy Spirit on the truth presented here, dump the false prophet and turn to Jesus