Saturday, June 24, 2017

FBI Protects Muslim Terrorists in America

Have you noticed how the police and State security networks of the West, from DHS/FBI, Britain, France, Germany always give their Muslim terrorists a pass and only after they attack do they do their magnificent "investigations" where they leave no stone unturned ?  

This has less to do with their constant incompetence as it has to do with the nefarious and evil globalist agenda now in progress across the West where they are intentionally destroying what is left of our Judaeo-Christian foundation. This is why they have greatly assisted in the Islamic invasion of the West.

The Muhajirun Trojans have been welcomed with open arms by the establishment which has betrayed us long ago.

This extremist Islamic terrorist preacher is creating many other Muslim terrorists by his hate speech and yet the FBI does nothing but make pathetic excuses.
Why does our our own US government go out of it's way to coddle the religion of hate, intolerance and extreme violence ?

Birds of the same feather 

The fact that this American Muslim from Dearborn Michigan is responsible for turning fellow Muslims into terrorists is not enough for the FBI to shut down his Islamic terrorism enterprise over the internet
Even after Islamic Imams in the UK are calling for his arrest and saying he has crossed the line the FBI does nothing.

They use the "free speech" cover to make sure Ahmad continues to make more Muslim terrorists across the globe as he did with the London Bridge Muslim terrorist attacker Khuram Butt
 That one example reveals how corrupt the FBI has become.


Ahmad Musa Jabril: Radical US preacher beyond FBI's reach

1 dead terrorist, Khuram Butt, another product of the many failures of America's FBI

Khuram Butt, 27, of east London, is believed to have led the trio of terrorists who ploughed into pedestrians using a hired van, before stabbing revellers in pubs and bars on Saturday night. 


The UK's Khuram Butt, - turned into a Muslim terrorist by the preaching of an American Muslim preacher of hate and terrorism from Dearborn Michigan, and the FBI does nothing but make excuses and cover for him.


The FBI was warned twice by Russia Intelligence that the Tsarnaev bothers were Islamic terrorists but did nothing, and then we had the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The corrupt FBI is more concerned about hurting the feelings of the followers of the religion of terrorism than protecting the non Muslim infidel American community.

The FBI had two separate warnings from the public about the Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen and after 'two soft and coddling of Islamic terrorists interviews' did nothing, and then we had the worst single mass shooting in American history with the Pulse Night Club Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando.

The San Bernardino Islamic terrorist couple (below) were given a pass to accomplish their major attack and only after the bloody body count were they investigated by the FBI.  
Tashfeen Malik should never have been allowed into the US, but she was by the constantly, criminally incompetent government.

Thank you DHS, FBI for letting us into USA to kill your infidels so easily

Think about it !

The FBI has lots of innocent blood on their hands


The U.S. Slip-slides Towards War in Syria



Happy Muslims killing Fellow Muslims


What Muslims from the religion of hate are doing to each other in Pakistan

Dozens killed in two separate attacks in Pakistan on eve of Eid

and yet the blind, insane west treats Islam as a normal religion


Anonymous said...

Stubborn and wilful FOOLS! Offer up their own people to this dirty little "Demon-god" called allah and its demon possessed murdering and raping slave Mohammad.

The U.S. government and its agencies are now the enemy of its own people. It is obvious that an agenda is being allowed to play out, with the able assistance of those who are supposed to protect its citizens. The goal is that the U.S. become what Europe and the U.K. now are.

Watching this all unfold and praying for the Remnant of The LORDS+ Body on the earth.

The Peace of The LORD+ to you this day Marcel. That is the ONLY Peace there is.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

This suicidal stupidity is the hand of God, His judgment on reprobate America and the godless west of perversions.

Isn't it amazing and shocking this judgment of god upon the USA and the West for forsaking Him and His laws.
The wicked rejected the blessings of God and the Light of the World and so now they walk in darkness, the curse and He has made our wise ones idiots in the process.

Phil Haney who wrote See Something, Say Nothing IS A BELIEVER who shares how much darkness has overtaken our leaders and government, FBI,CIA,NSA,DHS and the rest of the cursed and blind fools.