Saturday, June 17, 2017


Border Police officer Hadas Malka, who was killed on June 16, 2017 in a stabbing attack near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. (photo: Courtesy via Times of Israel)

The US, EU, UN, Russia, China continue to reward the Palestinians for killing Jews
They all pay 'BloodMoney' for Palestinian terrorism

I read a news story this morning abut the murder of a 23 year old Israeli woman killed in cold blood by teenage Palestinian Muslim terrorist's for their religion and bloodthirsty god allah.
Palestinian parents teach their children from birth to hate, a collective and evil indoctrination that is ignored by the immoral west.
The cowardly and evil Palestinian terrorists always pick easy targets and the world never holds them to account, never.

Border Police officer killed in Jerusalem attack named as Hadas Malka, 23

These murderers are taught at an early age by their parents, the Palestinian Muslim religious and political establishment to hate, blame, and murder Jews and are celebrated as heroes when they do so.

Western governments world wide always reward the Palestinians for this evil.

Their funding is never cut off for any reason especially this evil behavior of training their babies from birth to murder Jews.

The evil gang

All of the nations and Western governments (US,EU,UN,Russia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) never miss an opportunity to irresponsibly trash Israel to gain points with the Arab/Islamic countries.
Western, anti-Israel news articles and their Government's propaganda arm always blamed the "occupation" as the reason the  (Palestinians) these three Muslim terrorist teenagers attack innocent civilians and murdered this young woman.

They blame the "occupation" when it is Islam alone to blame

Occupation -That is the biggest lie the perverted, lying media keep feeding the masses.

Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and all it got in return were rockets, death and destruction from the Palestinians.
The truth is that Muslims can no longer claim Israel as under Islamic domination and this is why they will fight to the end to reclaim all of Israel, and whythere will never be any real peace between Israel and Islam.

Palestinian openly state that they want to occupy all of Israel.
President Trump knows this as did Bush, Clinton and Obama

The fact that God returned the Jews to the land He gave them forever reveals Islam as a fraud.

How else could a small outnumbered group of infidels defeat the false god of the Muslims, allah, and be so blessed above the cursed and always at war with each other death cult of Islam ?

How could "tiny" Israel  expand and grow, defeat allah's larger in number armies time and time again and prosper while Muslim countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Somalia have been destroyed by Muslim on Muslim terrorism ?

This reality should awaken the reprobate, abominable, West that Islam is a cursed religion according to Genesis 12:3.
But the West has also brought a curse upon itself by the evil way it has treated Israel and the Jews and by always rewarding the Palestinians for their violence and terrorism, turning them into "victims" when it is Israel which is the victim of the evil nations who sacrifice Israel to Islam.

The facts reveals Islam to be the fraud that it is, and enrages the followers of the false prophet Mohammed whose only contribution to humanity is evil, wars, terrorism, and murder of innocents continually.

You see the truth is that this is a war to the end between Islam and Israel.

Western leaders like Trump, Merkel, May, Guiterres, Putin, Xi, and the rest know the truth but have sold out to the death cult of Islam and are in the process of sacrificing the Jews to the followers of the false prophet Mohammed under their nefarious, non viable Palestinian State scheme authored by Satan himself.
Why else would evil US president Jihad Hussein Obama reward Iran after they openly called for Israel's extermination numerous times, Jihad H. Obama the one who always openly abused and punished Israel and the Jews as Republican Presidents before him did ?
They have always demanded that Israel show goodwill gestures 'for the peace' and never the Palestinian Terrorism Authority, never.

That should tell you what they are really up to !

Why  else would President Trump push the Fourth Reich Two State Final Solution against Israel that rewards the Arabs (Palestinians) for their bad behavior, the terrorism of Islam ?
Anyone watching this evil and false peace scam against the Jews have to wonder how the US, EU, UK, and UN, Russia, China could have outdone the Third Reich with it's mission to exterminate the Jews.

Satan's plan is still in motion now using the world against Israel.

This present day Fourth Reich continues with Satan's agenda. That is evident by how they are rewarding the front line Islamic jihadist Palestinians in their murder of Jews and never ending jihad to exterminate Israel.
How many billions of dollars has the West given to the Palestinians even after all their terrorism against Israel ?

If you know the Bible, you already know how this will end.
If you don't then you are most likely on the losing side, the receiving end of God's wrath as we have witnessed with Israels arch enemy Syria and the other cursed Islamic countries destroyed, turned into rubble

.... and those who called for 'Jews into the Sea', themselves being driven into the sea.

Arabs, Islam, into the sea


Anonymous said...

Excellent post Marcel! I am looking for The Hand of GOD to move. I am watching HIM+ put a Hook in the nose of the nations and bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat so that HE+ might Thresh them there.

The Western nations including the U.S. are destroyed. They are no longer fit to exist as nations. I am so thankful to be "Grafted - IN" to Israel, to be a part of the Whole House of Israel, and I look forward eagerly to the appearing of ha MASHIACH+ in Flaming Fire to take Vengeance.

Thank you for standing firm and speaking Truth.

Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank you brother.
Well said, looking forward, especially to our unshakable hope with Jesus' return.
It's really tragic how easily the global Goebbels media has brainwashed the masses, turning the Muslim terrorists Palestinians into "victims".
The majority of people are really stupid and easily fooled.
Isaiah 5:20 is God's warning to them.

Anonymous said...

God said about Ishmael and his descendants, the Arabs:
Genesis 16:12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
Blessings to you Marcel! You are a warrior in the defense of God's covenant land.
your brother,

Marcel Cousineau said...

Good to hear from you brother!

On top of 'wild man', so many of them were poisoned by the false prophet Mohammed.
That makes it all the more wonderful when Ishmael's descendants accept Messiah Jesus as their Savior.
I am looking forward to the day when He ends the lie of Islam forever. Maybe soon Ezekiel 38-39 ?
I shall celebrate that day when the lies is exposed for all the world to see and the remaining Muslims ditch this abomination.
Thanks for your blessing and to you also be blessed and the Lord keep you until that day.