Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Backpack Belonging to the Men was Blown Up by Police


German authorities free Britons detained after easyJet flight diverted

German authorities have released without charge three British men detained in Germany late on Saturday
The trio – identified by Cologne police as British citizens aged 31, 38 and 48 – remained in custody. “The questioning of one of the flight passengers is currently ongoing”, a spokesperson said.


This story has been full of holes from the start. The big holes - Why didn't the person claim their luggage (backpack) that had wires ?  Names of bomb talkers not released.

They provided ages but no names, how strange ? 
Gotta protect the people of the religion of terrorism, that's number one. 
The trio talked about bombs on a flight and no doubt on my mind this was a trial run by 3 British Muslims of whom we  know very little of their background.... like did they make it over to Syria for jihad and terrorism training  and were they on a surveillance and intelligence gathering mission?  

Why else would German authorities still be questioning  1 of the suspicious Muslims ?


I shared this story yesterday when it began to slowly trickle out in small pieces.
Now as more facts emerge from the cover up and lie media I have some thoughts.

Men? Why does the media keep covering up for Islam and it's terrorism ?

They are followers of Islam, they are Muslim.

Was this an inside job with a Muslim terrorist who allowed his other 3 Muslim terrorists to board the plane with their now blown up backpack ?
Another Muslim terrorist hired by extremely poor government oversight and more failed airport security ?
We saw this in France with the Egypt Air flight blowing up over the Mediterranean that they had to cover up and lie to us about.

'The neutered masses are too easily lied to by the powers that be, it's like they want to be lied to as the truth is too horrible to contemplate' 

It turned out that the  insane French with their political correctness that supersedes security, and their multicultural perversity have had many Muslims with terrorism connections working at their major Airports

What if the passenger who overheard the Muslim terrorists which the despicable media will only call men, was not alert and suspicious and like most brainwashed and naive Americans and Europeans who have fallen for the ClintonBushObama, NWO lie that Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims are peaceful?

What if the sloppy Muslims were trained to keep their mouths shut and not draw suspicion ?

Why does the media refuse to report the facts that they were Muslim terrorists on a terrorist mission to London and managed to get on the plane because of gross Airport Security failure bordering on criminal incompetence ?
Covering up their latest of many failures and incompetence again is the name of their game.

Why else were the three arrested and their backpack blown up and no names given for them ?

Was it to blow the Easyjet up over a major British city, is this why so little information about this Islam terrorism coming out ? 

Will we the public ever learn from the lying, cover up, and protect Islam and it's terrorism media what their mission was and that they were returned ISIS trained jihadist fighters that were allowed to roam freely across Europe and pick their targets with ease because Muslim terrorists in Europe are protected, that is until after they kill infidels.
Remember, it was only after an alert passenger listened in to the Muslims conversation that this planned attack was stopped.

This Islamic terrorist was not stopped until after the 3 Muslim terrorists were on the plane headed for London by an alert,  watchful and cynical citizen and not the well trained, professional. government police security experts.

Trust me, and go back to sleep.
I'm peaceful and mean you no harm dear infidel
Maybe this is why this story is being under reported and covered up by Western and US media.
They don't want the sheep headed for slaughter to know how stupid and incompetent their protectors are and how they have given the wolves easy access to the sheepfold.

Look for the incompetent ones to lie and cover up more and more as these Muslim terrorist attacks increase across the West.

They have to hide the truth from us because they failed us.

Easyjet plane diverted after 'suspicious conversation'

A plane flying from Slovenia to the UK made an unplanned landing after the pilot was alerted to a "suspicious conversation" with "terrorist content".

Three men were arrested after the Easyjet flight from Ljubljana to Stansted, in Essex, had been diverted to Germany's Cologne-Bonn airport on Saturday afternoon.

A backpack belonging to the men was blown up by police.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS ON! We probably won/t be hearing much about it elsewhere.

The Western governments have lose their minds!

You are right. They have allowed the wolves into the sheepfold! Now they cluck their tongues and make foolish speeches while innocent people die.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

No we will not be hearing about this in the US the perverts and prostitutes in the media are too busy with their coup agenda against the elected president.

It's extremely easy even for a blind man to see that crazed, perverted, godless America and all the nations are now under God's growing judgments, growing more severe by the day.

Thanks brother. PS I just posted this ;
PAKISTAN, a Backwards Seventh Century Manure Pile