Sunday, May 7, 2017

Whenever Israel Retreats Darkness Fills the Void

ISIS militants dump decapitated bodies of father, two sons in Egyptian town Yamit which used to be an Israeli town

They said the mother of the two siblings was killed last week by militants from the Islamic State group when they raided the family home in the village of Yamit, west of Rafah, and kidnapped the three men they suspect of being collaborators.


Watching Israel over these past forty years, it's a fact that the nations of the world are hard at work to steal Israel's land so that the evil, Satan inspired barbarians can take over and in the end destroy Israel.
'The agenda of the nations is about evil and not about peace'

They all see the many results of their agenda to force Israel to retreat and appease evil.

Everyone knows that the agenda of every Arab, Muslim country and Iran is to retake Israel for the House of Islam and that is the agenda of the Palestinians. 
Even President Trump knows this and already looks willing to continue Satan's agenda under the crafty ruse of the Two-State false-peace process.

Peaceful Jews were driven out of Yamit in 1982 by the evil nations (USA) so that evil and darkness could fill the void under the lie of peace.

There is no real and lasting peace as long as Islam remains

Yamit was once a peaceful and civilized Israeli town before President Jimmy p-nuts Carter got Israel to retreat from the Sinai for his bogus peace with Egypt. 

Now we see Egypt unable to even secure border towns like el Arish and Yamit from their religion of death, Muslim terrorists who replicate like an infestation of rats.

This one of many, many crimes against humanity would not have occurred if Israel had  not fallen for the big lie of peace with Islam which is impossible.

We can see what happened to Gaza after President Skull n' Bones Bush's unrelenting pressure on P.M. Ariel Sharon in 2005 to ethnically cleanse every Jew from there for his Satan inspired Palestinian State scheme.  Hamas took over and immediately repaid Israel for it's peace-move by attacking it's cities and civilian centers with rockets. .. and yet the US, UN, EU and the whole world continue to pressure Israel to retreat more and more. 

This is the face of the evil nations that God will judge severely.

The same thing happened when Israel was relentlessly pressured by it's false friend the USA to retreat from South Lebanon, Iran's proxy army Hezbollah took over and has become a major threat to every Israeli citiy with it's modern rockets that the UN failed to stop with it's worthless Resolution 1701.

Eventually Israel will wake up, only after her dead and wounded are piled high and defeat this Islamic threat permanently. and then there shall be real, true and lasting peace.
Only after Islam is no more will Arab and Jews live in peace, not the appeasement of evil, fake garbage, no-peace that the US, EU, UN are pushing down Israel's throat today.


Palestinians are always rewarded, never held accountable by the US, EU & UN for their Islamic terrorism and teaching and sending their children out to murder non Muslims for their bloodthirsty moon-god allah.

Another Teenage Palestinian Girl with Islams Hate and a Knife

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said a knife was recovered from the scene together with a farewell letter from the teenager to her family quoting a verse from the Koran that signed off with the word "shahida" - Arabic for martyr.


Anonymous said...

Amen Marcel. Only when the murdering, beheading islamic death cult are destroyed for ever will there be peace. The U.S. is going to pay a horrific price for aiding and abetting the enemies of the Whole House of Israel.
I am sure the ride is going to get rough before it gets better. So much evil is not going to go unanswered from Heaven. Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

I believe that the average American Christian is s brainwashed and compromised that they can't see the evil being done against the Jews by the nations with this false peace scam or they just don't care.

For sure the ride will get rough as God has already begun to repay the nations for their evil in rewarding evil Islam with what little piece of land God has given to the Jews. ... especially America which is leading the pack with the lie of peace.
Have a blessed day and thanks for your comment brother.