Friday, May 26, 2017

How Will the Washington Swamp Be Drained ?

We know that President Trump will not be able to drain the swamp.
The Washington Establishment is way too entrenched, evil & corrupt, there is no repair possible.
There is another plan already in the works to drain the swamp permanently.
That day is not too far off.

Swamp Removal International is just about ready to fulfill Job 12:23  against Sodom & Gomorrah.

Comrade; China, North Korea and Iran are ready for Operation Drain the Swamp

Working overtime with 1 goal in mind

Iran now ready to hit Great Satan very hard


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Preparing for North Korea's growing threat, the Pentagon will try to shoot down an intercontinental-range missile for the first time in a test next week. The goal is to more closely simulate a North Korean ICBM aimed at the U.S. homeland, officials said Friday.


There are so many ways to attack the US - From Russian and Chinese submarines off our east and west coast to ICBM's, to ISIS terrorists with backpack nukes, to a North Korea satellite EMP or an Iranian EMP that would shut down all of America, just to name a few.

America is on much thinner ice than most people realize !

Here is THE END  that God gave to His servant from Romania in the 80's.


I first heard Dimitru on Jewish Voice Broadcast out of Phoenix in the early 90's and it has stayed with me ever since as few visions and dreams do.

One thing he mentioned that stood out with me was this ;

The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America. When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety - from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government.  The government will be busy with internal problems.

from the middle of the country

It's very easy to see that  the present wide divide in America is headed to civil war because that is how far the communists, leftist, media, Democrats, RINO Establishment Republicans will go to remove President Trump from office. 

Henry Gruver's Incredible Vision of Russian Submarines Launching Nuclear Missiles at the United States


Nuclear Holocaust Prophecy

July 5, 2005

As I put these all together,  I think that Iran is the trigger, the tipping point that leads to Americas destruction and the time of great tribulation.

If President Trump declares a BLOCKADE of Iran in the Straits of Hormuz, I will be watching the skies for the ICBM trails instead of the chem trails.

We are at the door folks. 

If you still have not surrendered fully to Jesus Christ, time is running out.   


Noodles said...

Shame I can't embed the videos into my daily e-mail, but other than that I really enjoyed this latest post.
Blessings !!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Are you talking about the 2 Henry Gruver videos or the kub-K one ?
Can't say that I enjoy whats coming, really sad that so many are so oblivious to reality that God always judges wicked, now reprobate nation that has turned away from Him.

doublenickel said...

Marcel, I first read Pastor Duduman's warning to America around 1990, and it's been bouncing around in my head ever since. Every now and then it comes back to me. This is one of those times. Shortly after I read his book, "Through the Fire Without Burning", I heard him speak with his grandson, Michael Boldea, translating. Michael was about 15 or so at the time. He's now head of Hand of Help Ministries. You probably know all this. I was wondering if Pastor Duduman was a charlatan, after all, he was saying that God had a word for him--tantamount to saying, Thus saith the Lord. But as I listened to his preaching on holiness and attention to the Word, and seeing the fruit of his life in the ministry of his grandson, I'm pretty certain that he was the real deal. Anyway, the thing is to be always ready.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Same here brother. I've been "almost" conned by the charlatans and they are easy to spot the ore you stay in God's word, ESPECIALLY the O.T.
I came into contact with Benny 'big bucks' Hinns minisrty in Orlando and it was all about money putting on a good show for the cameras and to good life from the start.
Did you know that both of his 'catchers" died of drug overdoses before he left Orlando for the big time and TBN ?
The majority of the time the charlatans do not preach a negative message of God's judgment because it does not sell well with those who are soon to be fleeced.
They want their ears tickled and you can sell them about anything, even ministry coffee cups, etc.

My rule of measure is Jeremiah and the charlatans of his day who outnumbered him 1,000 to 1.

Jeremiah was very poor and very abused while the fakes were rolling in popularity and the dough.
Dimitru was caught in Romania by the evil dictator there (pronounced Chau-ches-cu) and tortured in prison. I don't take the suffering servants messages lightly compared to a Benny Hinn who had his limo's and manicures and pedicures daily behind high walls of the privileged upper crust lifestyle, much like how Paul and Jan Crouch corrupted their ministry with gaudy garbage and too much mammon.

The Apostle Paul is another example, he was a tent maker and never stooped to selling the sheep junk and stuff and getting rich of the sheep.
That should give every true Christian an alarm going off and flashing lights but no, they love their false teachers more than the truth.
I read in charisma about the popular "christian" mommy blogger who married the other lesbian Amy Wombach.
How many of her foolish and naive "christian" followers will follow her to hell ?

Judgment is not something the silly sheep want to hear.
very few are listening here.
I's not a popular venue for the hucksters.

I suppose there is not enough ear tickling and lifting up the stinking flesh going on ?